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06/28/2021 | by Eva Laurie | Cologne

“Campus Europa” is the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) interview podcast on topics related to the European University Alliances. In the opening episode of the second season, launching on 28 June 2021, EUniWell Chief Development Officer, Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse, and student representatives Judith Barth and Jonas Günther are among the guests discussing the vision of the European Education Area and the part of the European University Alliances in it (in German).

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“Campus Europa” is the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD) interview podcast on topics related to the European University Alliances. Image source: Pixabay/EUniWell

How can the European University Alliances contribute to global challenges? What does the network experience look like in practice? These are some of the questions addressed by the DAAD’s “Campus Europa” podcast, whose opening episode of season two launches today. In this first instalment, “Campus Europa” will take a closer look at the vision for the European Education Area and what the European University Alliances can contribute to it through the EUniWell lens. DAAD interviewer, Bettina Mittelstraß, and EUniWell’s Chief Development Officer, Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse, will explore what growth and improvement the Alliance can mean for its partner universities and what the ambitious goals for the completion of the European Education Area mean for the EUniWell network. And since, famously, there’s no progress without struggle, they will also examine current challenges on the way to realising the common vision of the Alliance to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance well-being.

Additionally, the upcoming episode will give space to the role and perspective of students who play a crucial role in developing and shaping the European University for Well-Being. Judith Barth and Jonas Günther, who are enrolled at the University of Cologne, are part of EUniWell’s student representation and will give insights into what added value a university alliance has for students, and what motivates their involvement. They will also take a look to the future and what studying in Europe might look like by the year 2025.

Set up as a talk show, the contributions by the EUniWell representatives from Cologne will be supplemented by other features in this kick-off episode. The interviews with Prof. Dr. Busse and the two students will be flanked by contributions from DAAD Secretary General, Dr. Kai Sicks and Peter Greisler from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – BMBF – whose area of responsibility includes the internationalisation of higher education institutions.

Listen to the episode here.

Background:“Campus Europa” Podcast

“Campus Europa” is the podcast of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on topics related to the European University Alliances. In its first season, Anke Stahl, Head of Division at the DAAD, dedicated each episode to a different representative of a different European University Alliance. In its 15 episodes, season one of the podcast took a look behind the scenes of the alliances in the first funding round. Continuing on, season two will provide new formats and insights into the alliances of the second funding round. Starting from today, new episodes will launch every last Monday of the month.

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