Platform Launch: Civic Leadership to improve Social Well-Being

11/02/2022 | by Hannah Lowe | Event Well-Being

In collaboration with academics, students and external stakeholders, the EUniWell project “Civic leadership to improve social well-being” co-created a digital platform to share resources and templates for embedding innovative and intercultural civic leadership approaches in Enterprise Education and provide knowledge exchange opportunities (e.g. internships, cross-university collaborations).

The picture shows a woman, holding a European flag with a blue base and pink stars.

A European project team from Linnaeus University, University of Birmingham and University of Cologne collaborate on a project to support civic leadership opportunities across the EUniWell network. At the core of the project team is the shared vision that we, as civic universities, aim to provide a learning environment in which students are enabled to become responsible citizens who recognise themselves as members of a larger social fabric and therefore consider social problems to be partly their own.

We are delighted to invite you to the launch of our brand new online platform which will provide resources to support civic engagement and enterprise education; opportunities for external engagement (physical and virtual); and a unique collaboration space accessible to students, HEI staff and external partners.

Join us on 23 November from 14:00-15:30 CET / 13:00-14:30 GMT for the launch of this collaborative platform.

Collaborations between universities and public as well as private community stakeholders can improve social well-being and build more inclusive, fairer societies. Our digital platform therefore aims to provide resources for these parties involved:

  • Students / Alumni - supporting mobility both virtual and physical, development of entrepreneurial skills
  • Higher education institutions' staff - including academics, educators, careers and employability as well as educational developers to support embedding of UNDSGs
  • External partners - including businesses, social enterprises, non-profit organisations, (local) cultural enterprises, city councils

This session will introduce the “Civic leadership to improve social well-being” project, give a tour of the platform, and communicate the benefits of joining and getting involved. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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