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10/23/2023 | by Elodie Bernard | H2020 Nantes Research Staff

Experts and project managers from EUniWell member universities met in Nantes from 27 to 29 September 2023 to steer the last year of EUniWell #Research H2020-funded SwafS project, and develop the Research and Innovation dimension within our Alliance.

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The future of research is collaborative

The EUniWell #Research Management team convened in Nantes at the end of September to collectively formulate a work and management plan for the last year of EUniWell #Research. The diverse group, comprising project managers, Open Science and research experts from the University of Birmingham, Nantes Université, Linnaeus University, Semmelweis University, as well as the Universities of Florence, Cologne, and Murcia, regularly convenes online and occasionally in person when Alliance gatherings, such as the Rectors’ Assemblies, beckon.  The three-day meeting at Nantes Université aimed to boost established synergies, exchange best practices, report on progress, and gather information for strategic tasks such as the development of a common framework for Research and Innovation (R&I) or the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan for the project.

EUniWell #Research is a key project for the Alliance. This H2020-funded initiative thrives on synergies and cross-disciplinary cooperation across the Alliance to shape the future landscape of well-being research in Europe. Together, the partner universities are laying the foundations of the future EUniWell R&I strategy, strengthening human capital through the Research Training Academy, and establishing a joint Open Science agenda, among other ambitious goals. Such collaboration not only accelerates breakthroughs but also amplifies the impact of research, creating a robust foundation for addressing global challenges and solidifying EUniWell’s position at the forefront of well-being research.

Interculturality as a common foundation

One afternoon of the programme was dedicated to an Intercultural Communication training, a topic of crucial importance within a European Alliance, which is inherently multicultural. This training was an opportunity for participants to discuss different styles of communication, identify their own mode of expression, and put in place strategies for smoother interactions and effective information sharing among the group. The training also served as a pilot session to evaluate the potential for offering this training to researchers within the Alliance through the EUniWell Research Training Academy. 

Immediately following the training, participants engaged in a practical exercise — an escape game. This provided a hands-on opportunity to apply the learnings of the training session such as communicating with diverse individuals and offering clear advice and instructions. This initiative not only enriched participants with new perspectives on collaborative work but also underscored the importance of professional yet enjoyable moments to build team spirit and foster strong bonds.


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