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11/29/2023 | by Elodie Bernard | Event Nantes Participation Students Well-Being

Discover the insights and initiatives that emerged during the thought-provoking event on student well-being hosted by Nantes Université on 15-16 November 2023. Bringing together researchers, educators, students, and administrative staff, the conference presented the outcomes of a comprehensive European study on student well-being and participants developed a collaborative action plan to enhance well-being on campus

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Three students stand in front of a screen displaying a presentation slide. In front of them, there is a table and chairs where audience members are seated.

A quantitative study on students’ well-being

Student well-being is a central focus for EUniWell. In this context, Nantes Université welcomed the project holders of WISE: Well-Being Innovations for Students in Europe, a collaboration between Animafac, a network of student associations, and six European partners. This ground-breaking initiative conducted a Europe-wide qualitative and quantitative study on student well-being, exploring aspects such as eco-anxiety, discrimination, and mental health. The results, unveiled for the first time during the conference, shed light on various factors impacting students’ well-being, including campus life, a sense of belonging, university services, access to sports and culture, international mobility, and social relationships. Notably, the study revealed students’ heightened anxiety levels regarding societal issues, with 70% expressing concern about war, and 62% and 52% expressing anxiety about public health and climate change, respectively.

Advocating for students’ well-being in Europe

The two-day conference featured collaborative workshops where students from Nantes Université and EUniWell member universities developed innovative kits and initiatives for both higher education institutions and student associations. The participants also shared a wealth of initiatives and best practices from across the Alliance, offering inspiration for members to implement proven initiatives. 

A round table discussion on “well-being, inclusion, and engagement” featured an introduction by Enora Le Jeune, VP for Solidarity and Health at Nantes Université, and notable figures such as Vincent Chupin, a PhD student developing a teaching unit on well-being, Nasrine Chafa from “Nightline” a student association dedicated to improving youth and student mental health, and Néfis Djelassi, VP Student at Nantes Université. Closing remarks by Julie Morere, VP for Campus Life at Nantes Université, underscored the pivotal role of EUniWell in advocating for well-being on a European and global scale.

Empowering through action

The event concluded with students actively participating in the Solidarity Day on campus. Engaging in activities like a second-hand market, bicycle repair, sewing workshops, and a soup kitchen, students also fostered discussions with local peers on solidarity initiatives. 

While challenges persist in safeguarding students’ well-being, the event showcased a beacon of hope, with numerous initiatives emerging from research, teaching staff, and the students themselves.


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