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01/28/2022 | by University of Florence | Environment Florence

The Award of the Italian National Association of River Basin Contracts goes to an article authored by a research group of the University of Florence, about a project designed to involve citizens in the management of the water resources of the Arno River.

The photograph shows two men in front of the MAXXI (National Museum of XXI Century Arts) in Rome.
The recipients of the award in front of the MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. Image source: University of Florence.

The 2020 award of the National Association of River Basin Contracts (Tavolo Nazionale dei Contratti di Fiume) goes to four Florentine researchers. They are Enrica Caporali and Tommaso Pacetti from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DAGRI) and Elena Bresci and Giulio Castelli from the Department of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Forestry (DAGRI). The article is entitled “Water Values: Participatory Water Ecosystem Services Assessmentin the Arno River Basin” and was published in the scientific journal “Water Resources Managament”.

The article summarises the activities carried out as part of WaterValues, a participatory project designed to encourage citizens to be more involved in the management of water resources in the Arno river basin.

“The project,” explains Enrica Caporali, “represents a functional pilot experience for the development of new management tools which, in an ideal convergence between different visions, translate the general concept of the water as common good into an equitable evaluation of the different values ​​of water in the territory.”

The award ceremony took place on 3 December 2021 at the MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome.

River basin contracts are strategic and negotiated planning tools with voluntary adhesion, conceived with the aim of pursuing the protection and the correct management of water resources, and the enhancement of river territories together with the protection from hydraulic risks - thus contributing to local development.

The National Association of River Basin Contracts was established as a working group for the coordination of Italian Local Agendas 21 (table made up of Regions and local authorities), with the aim of creating a community that is able to exchange information, experiences and promote such an instrument in Italy.

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