University of Nantes becomes “Nantes Université”

01/18/2022 | by Justine Le Garsmeur | Nantes

On 1 January 2022, a new public higher education and research institution was created: Nantes Université. Nantes Université proposes a university model that is unique in France by uniting a university (University of Nantes), a university hospital (Nantes Université Hospital), a technological research institute (IRT Jules Verne), a national research organisation (Inserm) and three schools (Centrale Nantes, Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts, Nantes School of Architecture).

The image shows the new logo of Nantes Université, which is made up from a "N" above an "U". The letters are white, the background is blue.
The photograph shows Prof. Carine Bernault who was elected as new president of Nantes University.

Since 1 January 2022, Nantes Université unites a total of six local Higher Education and Research Institutions, each one of them especially renowned in its field:

Both of these two institutions are under the authority of the French Ministry of Culture.

  • Centrale Nantes, a prestigious Engineering School with the status of “Grande école”, an institution of higher education in France, known for its academic excellence.

In addition to these new official components of Nantes Université, three further members now cooperate with Nantes University at a unique level, laying the foundations for a new, more open French university model:

  • The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU), Nantes’ regional University Hospital, strongly enhances the University’s capacities in the field of Health sciences
  • The Institut de Recherche Technologique (IRT) Jules Verne. IRTs are unique structures in which companies and Higher Education/ Research Institutions work together on a specific thematic area. The Jules Verne Technological Research Institute aims at enhancing the competitiveness of strategic industrial sectors in France by creating groundbreaking technologies for manufacturing processes.
  • The INSERM, a national Scientific and Technological Institute dedicated to biomedical research and human health.

By joining forces with these high-ranking institutions, Nantes Université reinforces its research capacities and its global training offer, now covering an even larger number of disciplinary fields and providing new opportunities for students and researchers. This new entity enables unique cooperation in order to foster excellent research in fields such as Health and Industry of the Future, on the local level and beyond.

In line with the mission and vision of EUniWell, one of Nantes Université’s goals is also to be a sustainable institution, committed  to well-being, Open Science and Open Education. 

Prof. Carine Bernault, elected as president of Nantes Université

Carine Bernault, Professor of Private Law, formerly president of the University of Nantes, was elected as president of Nantes Université on 16 December for a term of five years. 

She describes the ambitions of Nantes Université in this video (in French):


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