US entrepreneurs’ insider tips for students

02/15/2023 | by University of Florence

Following the first EUniWell Start-Up Exchange last November, the University of Florence organised a new event for young people with business ideas on 10 February 2023. The goal of this meeting was to help start-ups grow using expert insights. Three renowened industry experts were invited to offer guidance in finding the best ways to develop and empower young enterprises.

A photograph of the "US entrepreneuers" event at the University of Florence.

Receiving expert guidance is extremely beneficial for an early-stage start-up and consulting with qualified entrepreneurs can help in critically evaluating problems and implementing practical solutions effectively. First and foremost, their experience can help young entrepreneurs to develop a solid business strategy, and can also support the creation of an effective business plan. 

This expertise can be traced back to extensive experience in multiple companies, allowing the invited experts to identify trends, working patterns and common problems on a larger scale. Therefore, their advice can indeed be crucial at this early stage. 

During the event, young entrepreneurs from the EUniWell network had the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts from different sectors as well as getting feedback and input on their business ideas. 

The invited experts were: Alec Ross, American author, entrepreneur and technology policy expert; Steve MacDonald, Founder of MacDonald Ventures; Joe Zadeh, consultant, angel investor and scout for Sequoia Capital.


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