Mastering work-life balance: EUniWell workshop for young researchers


Join the EUniWell online workshop"Mastering work-life balance: EUniWell workshop for young researchers" with other PhD students and learn how to keep a balance between academic and personal life. Apply by 2 May to learn about strategies and tools to develop the right work-life balance and to avoid burnout.

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If you are often stressed and your self-esteem is undermined by the constant uncertainties of academic life, remember: You are not alone! As a PhD student, you are in a unique situation in life. But one that you can learn to cope with.  

This workshop is part of EUniWell Early Career Researchers’ Talent Hub pilots. It will explore the particular challenges and difficulties of being a young researcher from a psychological perspective. Participants will learn about the challenges of a performance-oriented and project-based work environment and the unique ambiguities of being a graduate student. This workshop offers you the opportunity to reflect on the main sources of pressure and strain that you encounter and to identify strategies to deal with them.

We are going to address the challenge of the unstructured situation of informal working hours that can easily fill up the whole week, the constant “writing guilt” and the burden of the “publish or perish” lifestyle. You also need to be prepared for a lifelong recurrence of the rejection of your creative output and having to deal with this repeated rejection. Working on your PhD may challenge your life cycle rhythm and expectations, as you have to progress in your adult life and possibly start a family, while at the same time remaining also in the role of a learner.  

The workshop participants will learn about stress management and the phases of burnout, while being  given tools to develop the right work-life balance. The main goal is to teach concrete strategies and tools that support participants in keeping a good balance between academia and private life.

Teaching Methods

The training will be provided in English. This training emphasises active participation, combining informative lectures with practical exercises, group discussions, and individual tasks.


Dr. Zsuzsanna Papp

Lecturer at various graduate and postgraduate programmes at the Institute of Mental Health at Semmelweis University.

Teaching: developmental psychology, communication, systemic sciences, counselling, academic writing and publications, thesis supervision. Psychologist, autogenic trainer, family therapist in training. 

Dr. Ádám Orosz

Researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Biophysics and Radiation Biology at Semmelweis University, scientific advisor for undergraduate and graduate students, mentor in the Talent Support Programme, mental health specialist, and zen meditation teacher.

Main objectives of the workshop:

  • Gain awareness of the psychological aspects of being a PhD student
  • Learn about work-life balance and how to create it
  • Acquire knowledge about burnout and its prevention
  • Acquire concrete strategies and skills in stress management


Group 1 Monday, 13 May, 14:00-16:30 CEST (13:00-15:30 BST / 15:00-17:30 EEST)
Group 2 Tuesday, 14 May, 14:00-16:30 CEST (13:00-15:30 BST / 15:00-17:30 EEST)

Format:  online

Location:  Zoom

Language:  English

Who can attend:  early-career researchers (PhD students)

Application process

Participation in the workshops is free of charge for applicants from all EUniWell universities.

Please apply via the following link:

Application deadline: 2 May 2024

Applications will close when the workshops are full (by 2 May, at the latest).

The organisers will provide an admission response within two working days after the application.

Please note that the workshop has a limited number of spots. Each EUniWell university has an equal number of seats and applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If applications exceed capacity, a waiting list may be implemented. In any case, you will be informed whether you are on the main list or on the waiting list.


For more information, please contact Eszter Turopoli: turopoli.eszter[at]

Further information

This workshop is open to all universities within the EUniWell Alliance. The workshops are organised in the framework of the EUniWell Early Career Researchers’ Talent Hub pilots, as part of EUniWell’s #Research project. 

The EUniWell #Research project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035821.