EUniWhat? EUniWell! How does well-being relate to my subject and research context?

14/09/2022 to 14/09/2022

University of Cologne Online EUniWell-Event

In this workshop in the series “EUniWhat? EUniWell!”, the Cologne team of the European University for Well-Being will work with you to explore how well-being is seen within different disciplinary and research contexts.

The picture shows a magnifying glass enlarging the word "EUniWell". Next to it is the caption "Digital Workshop: EUniWhat? EUniWell!" and the time 14 September 2022, 13-16 CEST.

14 September 2022, 13:00 - 16:00 CEST

Do you already know everything about EUniWell? Have you been active for EUniWell or have you always asked yourself: EUniWhat? What does this have to do with me? Join us to explore the topic of well-being in our workshop. 

We - the Cologne team of the European University for Well-Being (EUniWell) - would like to discuss with you how well-being is seen in various subject and research contexts and how your field is related to well-being. 

In this way, you will gain an insight into the work of EUniWell and contribute your knowledge of well-being and your perspective. Let's refine our understanding of well-being together and find out if and how we can integrate your topics in the consortium of the European University for Well-Being.

This workshop is primarily aimed at academic staff and researchers at the University of Cologne. Interested students of the University of Cologne are welcome to contact us and will be considered if there are sufficient spaces available.

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