Vitae's Researcher Development Framework (RDF) Webinar

11/07/2023 to 11/07/2023

Nantes Université Online EUniWell-Event

EUniWell has launched its partnership with Vitae to support the professional development of researchers. Vitae will organise a webinar for researchers and PhD students about the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) on 11 July from 11:00 to 12:30 CEST/ 10:00-11:30 BST. Attend the webinar to understand how the RDF planner can support your career development and help you unlock your full potential.

A diagram showing the 4 areas of development proposed by the RDF tool

To provide training and professional development opportunities tailored to researchers specific needs and prepare them for the current research challenges, EUniWell has partnered with Vitae. This non-profit organisation has four aims: 

  • To influence the design and implementation of effective researcher development policy, 
  • To enhance higher education provision to train and develop researchers,
  • To empower researchers to make an impact on their careers,
  • To evidence the impact of researcher development.

The RDF planner is a professional development tool developed by Vitae and includes an online skills management application designed specifically for researchers personal, professional and career development. Using this tool, researchers can explore the different areas of expertise related to research and set personalised development goals. Researchers can use this to progress their competency in each area by setting targets, undertaking activities and building an evidence-based portfolio of their achievements.  

Join our webinar on 11 July from 11:00 to 12:30 CEST / 10:00-11:30 BST to learn more about this valuable tool!

Further information

The webinar and the registration for the RDF tool are free of charge for PhD students and researchers from the EUniWell Alliance.

Further information about the tool is available on this page.

Registration to the webinar:


For more information about the programme, contact euniwell[at]