Symposium: Multilingualism for Social Inclusion in the European Classroom


Online EUniWell-Event

The Symposium, organised in the framework of the project of the same name from EUniWell's 1st Seed Funding Call, will take place on Monday, 13 December, from 15:00-17:00 (CET) / 14:00-16:00 (GMT) via Zoom.

Taking up one of EUniWell’s cultural goals, this project seeks to enrich teaching by exploring and supporting multilingualism. The mission of the project is to analyse students’ and teachers’ experience of multilingualism in European cities (Birmingham, Cologne, Florence, Leiden), identify mechanisms for fostering multilingualism and provide a digital infrastructure for the purpose.

During the event, the project team will present the preliminary results of their EUniWell project. The keynote titled Enhancing the European Multilingual Classroom: Institutional Guidelines and Teaching Strategies will be given by Dr. Chiara Gianollo from the University of Bologna.


Join the meeting:

Meeting ID: 614 7401 7332

Password: Euniwell1@


More information on the seed funding project Multilingualism for Social Inclusion in the European Classroom can be found here.