Well-Being Incubator: Workshop - “Mapping Diversity - Historical and Narrative Competencies for Civic Education”


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Register now for the EUniWell Well-Being Incubator online workshop on “Mapping Diversity” on 14 September 2023 and join a group of researchers working on how civic education can counter exclusionary ideologies.

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As anti-democratic and nationalist currents gain ground in several European societies (and beyond), they face the enormous challenge of protecting the already tentative gains made in terms of equal opportunities, equality and participation. In recent years, however, terms like “people”, “nation” or “identity” are increasingly used in exclusionary ways. Movements, such as the Identitarian Movement, which call for patriotism and refer to historically grown differences between “Orient” and “Occident”, are also gaining popularity among young people. History is once again being politically instrumentalised across generations, with historiographical findings and standards being ignored.

The aim of this workshop is to contemplate a research project to counteract nationalistic, delimiting and identity-political argumentation and latent hostility towards science/academia in the long term. Our basic understanding is that, especially in fragile times, in which the fundamental consensus of the peaceful and diverse coexistence of the various members of society is being called into question, sometimes even drawing on historical arguments, forward-looking research in the humanities and social sciences must be strengthened. 

The workshop will discuss ways in which science can respond to these challenges, both in research and teaching, but also through the design of practical teaching scenarios. The workshop is aimed at researchers and interested students.

Further information

When: 14 September 10:00-12:00 CEST / 09:00-11:00 BST

Zoom: https://uni-koeln.zoom.us/j/2904130662

Please register by 10 September at s.barsch[at]uni-koeln.de.


  • Niklas Ammert, Linnaeus University, Sweden
  • Laura Arias, University of Murcia, Spain
  • Sebastian Barsch, University of Cologne, Germany


For further information, please contact Prof. Sebastian Barsch.