As Europe’s next generation, students are at the core of the alliance and are involved in all its aspects including governance.

We aim to offer EUniWell students innovative, challenge-based curricula and deliver a transformative student experience that translates knowledge into societal impact. As a result, students will acquire the following knowledge, skills and competencies.

EUniWell’s joint physical and digital infrastructure will connect wide-ranging expertise across the consortium and expose learners to multiple perspectives, approaches, and mobility formats with the aim of reducing existing barriers, ensuring full recognition of credits and enabling seamless mobility. Students will be able to chart their own learning journeys, specialize in particular challenge-based areas, and work across borders to co-create solutions in conjunction with employers and relevant societal stakeholders.

In the coming years, we will create common degree programmes that will allow EUniWell students to move between our seven partner universities. For those studying at one of our EUniWell universities and wanting to spend a semester at another partner university, we will reduce the legal obstacles to assure full recognition of credits obtained abroad and implement special welcoming and housing programmes. We will further implement a language-teaching programme to allow our students to benefit from the rich multilingual experience in our consortium.

Taking the well-being of our students as one of our core missions, we will develop a coaching programme tailored to students’ needs in supporting them in the different phases of their studies, such as entering and starting at university, or during exam phases.

Most importantly, we are giving our students a voice in co-creating EUniWell as an active and growing learning institution. Students have been involved in shaping EUniWell’s mission and vision and work programme from the beginning.

Students are also at the core of EUniWell’s governance structure. The Chief Student Officer has been elected in February 2020 and participates in the meetings of the EUniWell Board.