EUniWell Open Lecture Series: Well-being, Education and Young Refugees


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As part of the EUniWell Open Lecture Series, Dr Jennifer Allsopp will be speaking on "Well-being, Education and Young Refugees" on Thursday, 27 January, 14:00 CET / 13:00 GMT.

Dr Jennifer Allsopp.

Lecturer: Dr Jennifer Allsopp
Related EUniWell Arena: 2) Individual and Social Well-being


Research background:

Dr Jennifer Allsopp is a Birmingham Fellow at the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology at the University of Birmingham. Her research centres on how people move and mobilise to support what they perceive to be viable futures for themselves, their families and their societies in the context of migration. Her most recent work explores the relationship between immigration control, welfare and well-being, with a focus on gender, ageing, and the politics of membership and belonging. She is passionate about comparative studies in international migration and the pursuit of innovative methodologies and is currently collaborating with colleagues across five continents to develop a new toolkit for ethical and effective migration research partnerships.

Dr Jennifer Allsopp is a regular advisor to the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties (LIBE) Committee on ethics, anti-smuggling and human rights and has contributed to multiple government inquiries into migration and the human rights of children and young people. Her current work looks at storytelling and survival, seeking to bridge her background in the social sciences and the humanities in a forthcoming monograph, Reading Dante with Refugees.

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This lecture is part of the EUniWell Open Lecture Series. Find the full programme here.