Hacking for Well-Being

14/09 to 21/09/2020

For co-creating and developing our new European University for Well-Being, we face the challenge of integrating a large body of students, researchers, educators and staff from seven countries under a common ‘roof’, now having to rely mostly on digital and blended means and formats to start with. Further, climate crisis and the current pandemic have shown us that we have to develop new ways of thinking and acting in order to support and promote well-being on individual, societal, and global scales.

Our first digital EUniWell Hackathon will search for innovative and creative solutions addressing some of the challenges to and chances for well-being at our European University in the near and far future.

Our Future is Changing Its Direction: Well-Being Dimensions in a European University

14th to 21st September 2020
Two online events on 14 September and 21 September from 9:00-13:00 CEST

You are a member of one of our 7 partner universities – either student, researcher, educator, or staff? Become part of our journey and register here for participation in this event.

The aim of this first virtual hackathon in the series “Hacking for Well-being” is to create concrete ideas and suggestions for approaching the challenges to co-creating a joint EUniWell identity for our socially-distanced members, which may then feed into concrete measures we can implement in the European University for Well-Being.

The hackathon will consist of a first workshop in small pre-defined groups on 14 September, 2020, from 9:00-13:00 (CEST). This is followed by a week of self-organized co-working within these groups, and closed by a moderated event on 21 September, 2020, from 9:00-13:00 (CEST), during which the working groups will present their solutions in pitches. Afterwards all participants may vote for their favourite pitches in the categories “Most Innovative”, “Most Applicable”, “Best Presentation” and “Best Well-Being Improvement”.

These are our 4 challenges:

1. #EUniWell Community
Which measures can we take to develop a joint EUniWell identity, despite being a consortium of 7 regionally distant and culturally diverse universities, where membership isn’t governed by location?

2. #Inclusion vs. Bias
As a European University, we are committed to European values, but we also want to show our cultural wealth and diversity and prevent falling to our cultural biases. How can we develop an inclusive environment in all 7 EUniWell partner universities, in the face of cultural biases?

3. #Digital Teaching
Teaching and learning will be conducted by hybrid/blended teaching concepts to enable access to courses from all of our 7 partner universities. What could a Masters’ programme look like with a mixture of digital/offsite and physical/onsite classes?

4. #Students’ Centre Stage
Students’ interests are at the core of our EUniWell alliance. What could be ways and means to facilitate and spread student participation and commitment throughout the alliance?

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