EUniWell Summer School on Global Peace, Democratic Governance & Well-Being

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This EUniWell Summer School invites students to explore the frontiers of peace studies, democratic governance and well-being in a time of worldwide autocratisation. The Summer School takes place from 3 June to 5 July, with one in-person week in Brussels. Application closes on 26 April.

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The Summer School focuses on contemporary challenges to global peace, democratic governance, and well-being. In the current political climate, such challenges include the rising trend of autocratisation and the questioned liberal democratic order and its impact on peace, multilateral cooperation and European Law. The course begins with online introductory lectures and seminars, followed by one week of seminars and study visits to EU institutions and NATO in Brussels. The focus of these sessions lies on global and regional approaches to promoting and protecting peace, sustainable democracy and well-being for citizens. In addition, the possible erosion of multilateralism and democratic peace in the international system will be discussed. 

The Summer School takes place from 3 June to 5 July 2024 with online meetings in week 1, seminars and study visits in Brussels in week 2, followed by independent studies under online supervision during week 3-5. The language of instruction will be English.

Application process

The Summer School is open to undergraduate and graduate students in the social sciences and humanities with an interest in global peace, justice, sustainable democracy, and well-being. This could for example include students in political science, peace and development, sociology, European law, international law, social studies, history or teacher education or other related disciplines affiliated to EUniWell universities and EUniWell associated partners.

Please apply via the following link: 

Application deadline: 26 April 2024

A maximum of 25 students will be selected. The organisers strive to find a good balance of students from different EUniWell universities. For those students that are admitted: Your university may be able to support your travel and accommodation costs, depending on whether they have access to grants or funding. Please contact your local EUniWell team before applying.

Further information

During the week in Brussels, the Summer School is organised into morning sessions of lectures and seminars, and study visits in the afternoon. The lectures and seminars are held by instructors from four EUniWell partner universities (Linnaeus University, University of Florence, University of Murcia and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) together with the Global Governance Institute in Brussels and the Teachers College at Columbia University in the U.S.

The detailed programme for the Summer School can be found here.


For more information about the Summer School, please contact euniwell.wp3[at]