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We promote mobility for students, researchers, educators, and staff through a wide portfolio of mobility measures.

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We boost cutting-edge research related to well-being.

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We aim to deliver a measurable impact on regional well-being, ensuring that we are not just located in our cities and regions but are part of them.

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We develop new perspectives that enable a transformation of each of our institutions to become more inclusive, open, sustainable and democratic.

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Within EUniWell, we are collaborating across campuses and borders to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance well-being. Here is your source for first-hand insights into the latest developments, news from our joint research and teaching projects, events and much more.

EUniWell representatives at the 75th NAFSA conference.

EUniWell attended the NAFSA Conference & Expo


EUniWell was represented at the 75th annual conference of NAFSA in Washington, D.C. to share innovative ideas and collaborate with global partners in higher education. The flagship event of the international education field, the NAFSA 2023 Annual Conference & Expo connected international educators,…

A hand holding a dandelion and the caption "5th Seed Funding Call - Discover our funded projects".

Discover the results of the 5th Seed Funding Call


Nine projects have been selected for funding as part of the fifth EUniWell Seed Funding Call. All projects aim to promote collaboration across EUniWell partner universities and to foster well-being in various domains.

Participants of the Teacher Education Arena pilot at the university of Murcia.

Future teachers from EUniWell network joined pilot course of EUniWell’s Teacher Education Arena at University of Murcia


In May 2023, student teachers from various EUniWell universities visited the University of Murcia to participate in the pilot course “Know Yourself, Know Your Future”, organised by EUniWell’s Teacher Education Arena.

The poster of the European Student Assembly 2023.

EUniWell students to attend European Student Assembly 2023


The European Student Assembly (ESA) is a grassroots project that gathers more than 200 students from 44 European University Alliances to debate current issues, draft political recommendations for the future of Europe, and advocate them among stakeholders and decision-makers.

Participants at the EUniWell Staff Week at the University of Florence.

EUniWell Staff Training Week at the University of Florence


The EUniWell Staff Training Week, organised in cooperation with Linnaeus University (Sweden), took place at the University of Florence from 8–12 May 2023. The event was an exciting opportunity to inspire closer collaboration and to provide relevant training on well-being to many members of the…

An illustration of green plants and buildings in the background presenting the programme in Florence

Register for the EUniWell BIP on “Green and Carbon Neutral Cities”!


To deepen the European Union Mission on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities (EU Cities Mission) the Arena Environment, Urbanity and Well-being has designed a one-week intensive programme on “Green and Carbon Neutral cities”. The course will be held in Florence, Italy, preceded by online events.

Events in EUniWell

15 / 06

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: Urbicide, everyday life and post-war urban healing


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Online EUniWell-Event
A portrait of Prof. Kostyantyn Mezentsev.

22 / 06

PhD Scientific Days

22/06/2023 to 24/06/2023

Semmelweis University Semmelweis University Related Event
A graphic with six colorful circles, Semmelweis University logos and the text "PhD Scientific Days 2023, 22-23 June 2023, Semmelweis University, Basic Medical Science Center, 1094 Budapest, Züzoltó utca 37-47".

26 / 06

EUniWell PhD Workshop 2023

26/06/2023 to 28/06/2023

The International Graduate School of the University of Murcia (EIDUM) Online / Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Murcia EUniWell-Event
A light bulb, university and EUniWell logos and the text "EUniWell PhD Workshop; 26-28 June; Registration deadline: 15 June; Paper submission deadline: 25 May".

26 / 06

EUniWell Science-to-Public Communication workshops

26/06/2023 to 29/06/2023

EUniWell Online EUniWell-Event
The picture shows a group of four young people sitting together at a table in a bright library room. Three of them are looking at a laptop screen and smiling. A blonde woman stands behind them and exchanges a high-five with one of them, who turns to her.

26 / 06

EUniWell Health Inequalities Summer School

26/06/2023 to 30/03/2023

University of Birmingham University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, B15 2TT, UK EUniWell-Event
Some buildings of the University of Birmingham campus.

29 / 06

2nd EUniWell Summer School on Migration and diversity in European Cities

29/06/2023 to 30/06/2023

EUniWell Online / Nantes Université EUniWell-Event
A banner with the EUniWell, Erasmus+, and participating universities' logos and the text "Made in Europe / summer school 2023 / migration and diversity in European cities".

21 / 08

2nd International Symposium on Digital Transformations

21/08/2023 to 23/08/2023

Linnaeus University Växjö, Sweden & online Related Event
A graphic with light blue interconected points.

12 / 10

Sustainable Built Environment and Urban Transition (SBEUT) Conference

12/10/2023 to 13/10/2023

Linnaeus University Växjö Campus EUniWell-Event
A photograph of buildings in a green landscape.

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