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18 January - 10 March 2024

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We promote mobility for students, researchers, educators, and staff through a wide portfolio of mobility measures.

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We boost cutting-edge research related to well-being.

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We aim to deliver a measurable impact on regional well-being, ensuring that we are not just located in our cities and regions but are part of them.

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We develop new perspectives that enable a transformation of each of our institutions to become more inclusive, open, sustainable and democratic.

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Within EUniWell, we are collaborating across campuses and borders to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance well-being. Here is your source for first-hand insights into the latest developments, news from our joint research and teaching projects, events and much more.

 This is a photo of a group of professionals gathered in a conference room at the University of Murcia, Spain, for the EUniWell Showcase Conference held in November 2023. They are positioned in front of a presentation screen that displays the title "Moving Beyond Europe" with a logo of EUniWell, the European University Alliance for Well-Being. The mood appears collaborative and positive, indicative of a productive event focused on enhancing well-being across European universities.

Transatlantic collaboration expands horizons for well-being and education


EUniWell and Teachers College, Columbia University forge deeper ties as new initiatives set the stage for a shared vision in a global context.

by Tobias Endler

A group of six individuals engaged in a discussion around a table with posters and sticky notes in the background, indicating a collaborative work environment.

EUniWell students create innovative solutions to protect society against climate change


During a creative marathon organised by Nantes Université on the theme of “Climate change and Civil Peace in Europe,” a group of students including EUniWell students worked together to develop innovative tools for civil peace actors, enabling them to protect society against the dangers of climate…

A group of seventeen individuals are gathered in a room with a "#Research" sign, smiling for a team photo. They are dressed in casual and smart-casual attire, with a diverse mix of ages and backgrounds. The setting is indoors with natural light from windows.

A transformative leadership journey: highlights from the first round of the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship Programme


The first round of the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship Programme concluded on 25 January during an in-person meeting at the University of Cologne. Held under the EUniWell #Research initiative, this pilot programme brought together 22 participants from diverse academic backgrounds.

by Veronika Csorba

In the background is a branch with green shoots. The text on the image reads: "6th SEED FUNDING CALL / 18 Jan - 10 March / APPLY NOW!"

The 6th EUniWell Seed Funding Call is now open!


EUniWell welcomes submissions for the 6th Seed Funding Call, offering a platform for innovative projects that aim to enhance well-being within the EUniWell network and beyond.

A group of students sitting and standing in a nautical musseum space.

Discussing History Education through Heritage: How to deal with moral perspectives in secondary education


In the EUniWell Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) “Discussing History Education through Heritage”, students from Sweden, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, and the Netherlands collaboratively navigated the challenges in history education, emphasising diverse perspectives and the impact of societal…

by Roland Deurloo (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Two individuals are posing in front of a EUniWell information banner detailing research objectives, collaborations, and training opportunities at a university event.

EUniWell #Research programme was highlighted at the Semmelweis Symposium as a key aspect of EUniWell’s scientific engagement


The 31st Semmelweis Symposium was held in Budapest from 11-13 December 2023. The esteemed scientific event was not just a great opportunity to promote EUniWell but also to underscore the main outcomes of the EUniWell #Research programme.

by Eszter Turopoli

Events in EUniWell

21 / 03

First teff (Teacher Education for a Future in Flux) Conference

21/03/2024 to 22/03/2024

teff Academy Hybrid Related Event
A woman attentively participates in a discussion at a professional event, listening to a speaker off-camera. She is seated and holding a pen and notebook, suggesting she is taking notes. Her engagement in the conversation is shown by her direct gaze and focused expression.

06 / 05

LaW Network Doctoral Conference “Coercion and Well-being in Europe”

06/05/2024 to 07/05/2024

EUniWell Nantes Université EUniWell-Event
View from above of a staircase and the room below. Numerous young people can be seen walking around or sitting at tables in the room.

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