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Withing EUniWell, we are collaborating across campuses and borders to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance well-being. Here is your source for first-hand insights into the latest developments, news from our joint research and teaching projects, events and much more.

EUniWell positions itself against anti-black racism and all other forms of racial, ethnic and cultural discrimination

07/09/2020 European University Well-Being

Recent protests to end anti-black racism have heightened awareness of the structural roots of racism and its persistence in societies all over the globe.

The photo shows a mirrored geometric structure, the recycling house, in the centre. There is a light dusting of snow all around. In the lower right corner of the picture are three people who are reflected in the recycling house. Blocks of houses in white and grey can be seen in the background.

A Research Project from Linnaeus University makes Recycling a Fun Experience through Gamification

13/01/2022 Linnaeus Environment Sustainability

EUniWell partner Linnaeus University is combining well-being and sustainability in a new, exciting research project: A recycling house that adds a gaming factor to recycling and thus combines fun and waste separation. Project manager Joacim Rosenlund hopes to change people's view of recycling and…

by Linnaeus University

Is tourism able to provide natural and human well-being at the same time?

17/12/2021 Florence Students Sustainability Well-Being Environment

Tourism is an age-old activity, which during the centuries has proven to be a real need for humanity and is recognised for its great economic impact. Although, nowadays, the environmental and social implications are becoming even more relevant when assessing this global phenomenon. In this regard, a…

by Giulia Musso

EUniWell 2021: The year in review

13/12/2021 European University Students Staff Participation

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and with it the first official year of EUniWell. In the coming weeks until the end of December, we want to reflect back on our highlights of the year with you, celebrate what we have achieved within EUniWell so far, and also take a look to the future, to all that…

The picture shows three female students who are sitting at a table with their laptops and are in the middle of a conversation.

EUniWell is looking for student evaluators - apply this week!

29/11/2021 Participation Students Seed Funding Call

Seed Funding Programme: Call for participation

University of Florence takes a stand on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

25/11/2021 Florence SDGs Well-Being

Nearly 1 in 3 women are affected by violence in their lifetime. In times of crises, the numbers rise, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. To raise public awareness, the Universities of Florence and Cologne are setting a visible sign.

Events in EUniWell

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: Cultural Heritage, Well-being and the Future


Linnaeus University Online EUniWell-Event Linnaeus Students Researchers & Educators Staff Society & Europe

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: The role of universities in promoting individual and societal well-being


Leiden University Online EUniWell-Event Leiden Students Researchers & Educators Staff Society & Europe

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: COVID-19 as an engine of family reshuffling


University of Florence Online EUniWell-Event Florence Students Researchers & Educators Staff Society & Europe

1st International Symposium on Digital Transformation

15/02/2022 to 16/02/2022

Linneaus University Linneaus University, Växjö Related Event Linnaeus Researchers & Educators

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: From knowledge transfer to personal development


Semmelweis University Online EUniWell-Event Semmelweis Students Researchers & Educators Staff Society & Europe

“Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs”(Researchers’ White Night)

27/01/2022 to 27/01/2022

Nantes University Nantes University + Online Related Event Nantes Researchers & Educators

EUniWell Open Lecture Series: Well-being, Education and Young Refugees


University of Birmingham Online EUniWell-Event Birmingham Students Researchers & Educators Staff Society & Europe

OPEN (Open Pedagogy EUniWell Network) Webinar


HEFi Birmingham Online Related Event Birmingham Europe Researchers & Educators Staff

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