EUniWell finale on the "Decentring Global Epistemologies on Global Well-Being" project

06/23/2023 | by Carlo Luiu | Well-Being

Conclusion of the "Decentring Global Epistemologies on Global Well-Being" project.

The picture shows the EUniWell team during the evaluation session of the new VOICE methodology at the University of Cologne.

The EUniWell project “Decentring Global Epistemologies on Global Well-Being” finished in spectacular style in Cologne, Germany. The team consisted of partners from the University of Birmingham, University of Cologne, Leiden University, Université Mohammed V de Rabat, University of Nairobi and University of the Western Cape. 

About Decentring Global Epistemologies on Global Well-Being

The EUniWell project team met up to discuss the outcomes, implications, and lessons learned from the project, which lasted from November 2022 till the end of June 2023 and consisted of a series of international online classes on the different perspectives and epistemologies on global well-being.

In addition to the academic team, six representatives of the student participants from all African and European partner universities participated in this final meeting. On their arrival, they were joined and welcomed by the EUniWell Managing Director Graham Harrison. 

The trip also coincided with the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 2023), "African Futures", where the team delivered an excellently attended roundtable on "How to make academic cooperation work" and presented perspectives of the student participants, teaching fellows, and academic team. The concept of Well-Being was discussed through the themes of knowledge, intersectionality, and the environment. Consensus was reached that for global learning on well-being to be effective, there is a need for methodologies and platforms to allow for effective exchange and discussion of ideas around contested ideas.  

The team introduced their new methodology: the VOICE (Virtual Online International Collaborative Exchange), which allows for equitable understanding of global issues that require methodologies that allow effective exchange of ideas, and the ability to reach new understandings with associated documentation. 

The VOICE methodology was debated on the topic of global well-being and it is hoped that the approach will now be used far and wide to study other subjects that require equitable collaboration between different global institutions. 

Further information

More details about the project and the blog from the students can be found here.


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