Official start of the EUniWell Online Course “Decentering Epistemologies for Global Well-Being”

02/28/2023 | by Carlo Luiu | Birmingham Cologne Well-Being

The new EUniWell Virtual Online International Collaborative Exchange (VOICE) course officially started on 6 February 2023.

A screenshot from a zoom meeting shows the participants during the course kick-off.

On Monday 6 February, the Virtual Online International Collaborative Exchange (VOICE) course “Decentering Epistemologies for Global Well-Being” officially started. The course is organised jointly by Leiden University, Mohammed V de Rabat University, University of Birmingham, University of Cologne, University of Nairobi and the University of the Western Cape.

Over the coming two months, 65 students from 17 different countries will critically engage with contemporary issues related to environment, knowledge and intersectionality, and explore how these promote or detract from well-being. The students will interact and apply themselves to develop collective case studies with the aim of exploring how well-being relates to the decolonisation agenda and how to guard against extractive or ‘parachute science’ between the Global North and South.


Further information

Read more about the project here.


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