In case you missed it: Well-Being Research Incubator workshop “Innovations in Ageing Medicine for Well-being” recording now available

07/27/2023 | by Aylin Tosun | Research Participation H2020

The latest Onco-Aging workshop brought together medical professionals, researchers and students to explore innovations in cancer research that contribute to overall well-being. Watch the full video to gain valuable knowledge on system challenges in ageing medicine and health tech.

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On 22 June 2023, the EUniWell Onco-Aging workshop took place as a virtual event. Researchers, renowned experts, and students joined to discuss innovations in biomarkers, intersectionality, and healthcare technology. The Onco-Aging project was successful under EUniWell’s first Seed Funding Call. This most recent workshop took place as part of the Well-Being Research Incubator, which brings together experts from various fields through online workshops and small-scale projects as part of EUniWell #Research. Onco-Aging aims to raise awareness about the challenges that older cancer patients in the EU face. The coverage of follow-up care for elderly patients, along with improved medical and social support after chemo/radio treatment, is considered a significant difficulty.

As part of the Well-Being Research Incubator, this Onco-Aging workshop highlighted the importance of consortium partners’ connections with regard to this important research topic, also with a perspective of attracting further partners and universities (within and outside the EU).

By addressing the challenges in ageing medicine, Onco-Aging connects elderly cancer patients, medical experts, translational scientists, computer scientists, and economists. The expected impact of the project includes improving geriatric education in the health sector, involving young medical students in the healthcare community, addressing the vulnerabilites of the elderly to cancer, and strengthening interdisciplinary collaborations among scholars.

During the virtual workshop “Innovations in Ageing Medicine for Well-being” the EUniWell Onco-Aging project emphasised the relevance of ageing medicine and advocated for further initiatives to improve and establish a health community for elderly cancer patients.


Further information


  • Dr. Yue Zhao: Department of General, Visceral, Cancer and Transplantation Surgery, University Hospital of Cologne, University of Cologne
  • Prof. Dr. M. Cristina Polidori: MD PhD FRCP, Professor of Ageing Medicine and Geriatrics, Cologne, Germany/Italy, Unit for Ageing Clinical Research Dpt. Medicine II, University Hospital of Cologne


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