Semmelweis University highlights EUniWell and student well-being during International Summer University

20/09/2022 | by Eszter Turopoli

Semmelweis University held its International Summer University, celebrating 40 years of international programmes and highlighting EUniWell and the importance of physical and mental well-being, with particular emphasis on the student experience.

The International Summer University, which took place on 1 and 2  September 2022, was the opening event of the ‘Semmelweis International 40’ series of programmes celebrating the 40th anniversary of launching its international medical training at Semmelweis University.  Engaging lectures, film screenings and round-table discussions on health, higher education, sport, and culture were all part of the programme. Around 1,000 Hungarian students and 600 international students attended the two-day event which highlighted EUniWell, emphasising the importance of physical and mental well-being and creating and developing a EUniWell identity among students. 

Prof. Dr. Miklós Kellermayer, Dean of the Medical School and EUniWell Board Member, introduced the Physical Health & Well-being session of the International Summer University.  The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Péter Torzsa, University Professor, Head of Department Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.

Amongst other lectures, students and staff heard a talk entitled “Key to survival: improving resilience in face of adversity”from Dr. Ajándék Eöry, Associate Professor and Head of Integrative Medicine Unit, Department of Family Medicine. She presented her research project, MATTERS EUniWell, which was awarded seed funding from EUniWell. Five EUniWell partner universities took part in MATTERS EUniWell and the aim was to determine how students adapt to changes and how to improve resilience. Dr Eöry talked about the effects stress has on our brain, including physiological and metabolic outcomes such as diabetes, high cholesterol and smoking and substance abuse. 

The Mental Health &  Well-being session was also introduced by Prof. Dr. Miklós Kellermayer and chaired by Prof. Dr. Bea Pászthy, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine. She mentioned how mental health issues constitute a major burden of disease amongst adolescents and how some “pandemials” feel as though they have lost key opportunities due to COVID-19. Prof. Dr Pászthy emphasised the importance of looking after the mental health of Semmelweis students, as the mental health and well-being of young people is the future. 

The first EUniWell Open Lecture of the 2022/2023 academic year took place in collaboration with the Semmelweis University International Summer University. Dr Imre Varjú MD, PhD, MPH, a Health Communications Specialist with a background that spans medical research, public health, and healthcare advertising, gave a lecture on Growing new skills: the role of science communication in the medical field. Dr Varjú underscored the importance of societal cooperation as people can enact behavioural change through effective science communication.


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