EUniWell Virtual Staff Training Week

17/05/2021 to 20/05/2021

Linnaeus University and Leiden University Online-Event EUniWell-Event

EUniWell Virtual Staff Training Week May 2021

Teaching and working interculturally within EUniWell

The first EUniWell staff training week, organized by Linnaeus University and Leiden University, will take place virtually between May 17th and 20th.

It is a week aimed at both teaching staff and support staff from the seven EUniWell universities. The programme, which requires 10-15 hours involvement, will give opportunities for professional development and networking. Through input, reflection and exchange of experiences, we aim to raise the participants’ levels of awareness and gain insights regarding issues of relevance for teaching and working interculturally in various EUniWell contexts.

Places are limited, but there are still vacancies. If you wish to participate, please contact your local EUniWell project manager.

Looking forward to an interactive, intercultural week!

From the Organisers,
Daan Romein (Leiden), Yael Tågerund and Lena Kulmala (Linnaeus)

Preliminary Programme

The programme is also available for download.

Monday May 17th (09.00 – 12.30 CET) 

  • Introduction to EUniWell and its partners (9.-9.15)
  • Presentation of the programme and participants (9.15-10.15)
  • Workshop: Core values in Higher Education (10.30-11.30)
  • Panel about EUniWell (11.45-12.30)

Tuesday May 18th (09.00 – 15.00 CET) 

  • Track 1a: Key concepts in intercultural communication (9–12)
  • Track 1b: The significance of language in intercultural communication (13-15)

Wednesday May 19th (09.00 – 15.00 CET)

  • Track 2a: Teaching in the intercultural EUniWell classroom (9-11)
  • Track 2b: Designing a curriculum that embraces intercultural understanding and develops intercultural skills (13-15)

Thursday May 20th (09.00 – 12.00 CET)

  • Workshop: The Four Rooms of Leadership in Academia (9-10.30)
  • Wrapping up (e.g. take-aways, how to stay connected, make use of new networks, etc) (11-12)


  • Monday May 17th: mandatory for all registered participants (42 participants)
  • Tuesday May 18th: mandatory for registered support staff, optional for teaching staff (21-42 participants)
  • Wednesday May 19th: mandatory for registered teaching staff, optional for support staff (21-42 participants)
  • Thursday May 20th: mandatory for all registered participants (42 participants)