EUniWell awards its first Research Thesis Prize recipients

02/21/2023 | by Elodie Bernard | Nantes Participation Students Research

Nantes Université welcomed the first recipients of the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize this February. The 13 European PhD students were recognised for their research work in relation to well-being.

The picture shows the recipients of the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize being honoured. They are holding up a certificate, behind them the EUniWell logo below which it says "Thesis Prize" and a picture of a girl holding an EU flag is projected, the stars appearing in EUniWell magenta.
Trainer Gabriele Hess-Fernandes speaks to the laureates.
The picture shows the recipients of the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize with trainer Gabriele Hess-Fernandez on the steps in front of a building at Nantes Université. They are all raising their hands above their heads in joy.

Research at the heart of the EUniWell mission

EUniWell aims to give new impetus to cutting-edge research related to well-being, with the goal of having a positive impact on society. Through its Research Thesis Prizes, EUniWell seeks to support PhD students, invest in their training and build new skills in the field of science communication and science transfer to society.

In line with EUniWell’s mission and commitment, researchers are at the foreforent of our activities. Developing a common research agenda is central to EUniWell’s efforts to understand, measure, improve and rebalance individual and social well-being on all levels. EUniWell’s network of researchers plays an essential role in conducting innovative research and introducing new knowledge into the area of well-being, keeping our Alliance at the leading edge of the latest developments and advances in the field.

A communication training to support broader impact

As part of the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize, 13 European PhD students were invited to Nantes, France, for a week-long communication training. The training workshop was prepared and delivered by Gabriele Hess-Fernandez, science journalist, science communication lecturer at Nantes Université and EUniWell Science Communications Fellow.

During the workshop, the PhD researchers learned how to develop an audience-driven short presentation to generate interest, tell a story about their research and present their research orally in an effective way. To contribute to the dissemination and impact of their work in society, it is crucial for young researchers to learn how to develop engaging messages about their well-being-related research.

At the end of the workshop, each PhD student was invited to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test by participating in a video production highlighting their research work.

The first recipients of the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize

For the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize, candidates were evaluated on the excellence of the academic quality of their work, the scientific background and coherence of the research, and potential intellectual property.  Additional points were awarded for the novelty, originality, and uniqueness of the research, and for impact and relevance to one of EUniWell’s four key Research Arenas. Congratulations to the first recipients of the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize!

  • Georgia Bird, University of Birmingham
  • Marco Bonechi, University of Florence
  • Georgina Charissis, Linnaeus University
  • Emmanuel Coetard, Nantes Université
  • Johanna Kuske, University of Cologne
  • Zeynab Mohseni (Artemis), Linnaeus University
  • Dorottya Őri, Semmelweis University
  • Lise Patron, Nantes Université
  • Olivia Petie, University of Birmingham
  • Immacolata Ranucci, University of Florence
  • Valentina Tomat, University of Murcia
  • Karen Vargas Santander, University of Murcia
  • Ragna Winniewski, University of Cologne

A European network united by a common purpose

As EUniWell values interdisciplinarity and the learning experience that can be gained from combining different interests, expertise and perspectives, the EUniWell Research Thesis Prize recognised students from different partner universities working in different fields, either linked to Individual and Social Well-Being or Environment, Urbanity and Sustainable Development.

The 13 PhD students were given the opportunity to explain their research topic and enrich their reflections by considering their peers’ diverse points of view and expertise. By creating a network of researchers and PhD students at a European level, EUniWell leads the way toward a research community driven by a passion for well-being and united by a common purpose.

This workshop was designed as an opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange between participants. It will encourage team projects and international collaboration for which the training was the first opportunity to meet in person. This initiative supports the creation of a community of critical thinkers who will put their research at the service of science and society.

Further information:

Find out more about the EUniWell Research Thesis Prizes here.

Read laureate Georgia Bird’s blog post about her experience here.


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