Education for Democratic Citizenship and Well-Being (EDC-WB)

General Overview

EDC-WB aims to create a practical democratic educational programme for Ukrainian educators and community leaders, to empower Ukrainian citizens to exercise their democratic rights and engage actively in democratic life.

Purpose and Significance

Ukraine is progressing towards democratic governance and European Union membership. The processes of democratisation and European integration require not only the consolidation of democratic institutions but also the socialisation of democratic values within society. A significant challenge for Ukrainian democracy is the limited societal understanding of democracy and citizenship, coupled with a lack of experience with a functioning democratic system. In democracy indexes such as V-Dem, Freedom House, and Nations in Transit, Ukraine is often classified as a transitional or hybrid regime with substantial challenges to overcome. These classifications reflect ongoing deficiencies in the implementation and understanding of democratic principles. Despite making strides, Ukraine still faces a long journey towards developing a stable and deeply rooted democracy that is solidified not only institutionally but also within its society.

The Education for Democratic Citizenship and Well-Being (EDC-WB) project addresses these challenges by creating a democratic educational programme for various Ukrainian stakeholders, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine. Additionally, the creation of a technical platform to host such programmes is planned. Under the coordination of Linnaeus University, Sweden, three other EUniWell universities are involved: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine, the University of Murcia, Spain, and Nantes Université, France.

Implementation Method and Timeline

To successfully implement this educational programme, multiple workshops and meetings across all partner universities with strong participation from Ukrainian key stakeholders are planned. These meetings will be followed by digital meetings to ensure continuous exchange within the project team.

June, 2024: Project launch - Online

September, 2024: Project-Meeting 1 – Sweden

The first workshop at Linnaeus University will focus on sharing expertise, identifying target groups, and understanding their needs regarding democratic education. 

October 2024: Project-Meeting 2 - France

The second meeting will focus on finalising the development of the educational course and teaching methods.

December, 2024: Project-Meeting 3 - Spain 

The third workshop will prioritise assessing the necessary technical tools for implementing the educational courses developed earlier.

March, 2024: Student Seminar - Online

A seminar for students from all partner universities, coordinated digitally by Linnaeus University, will be held.

Expected Outcomes

By focusing on education for democratic citizenship, EDC-WB strives to empower Ukrainian target groups to facilitate education and dissemination through theory and practice. The programme aims to equip learners with knowledge and skills to understand and promote democratic rights and responsibilities in Ukrainian society.

The expected outcome of this project is a developed course and training programme on Education for Democratic Citizenship, focusing on the following modules:

  • Democratic Governance;
  • Democratic Education;
  • EU Governance & Citizenship.


Daniel Silander, Department of Political Science, Linnaeus University
Jan Aidemark, Department of Informatics, Linnaeus University