PROMISE - Promoting Sustainable Biomedical Research and Education for Enhanced Well-being and Environmental Responsibility

General Overview

PROMISE is a collaborative initiative dedicated to integrating environmental sustainability into biomedical research and education. This project aims to empower scientists and students in academic institutions to adopt sustainable practices, thereby mitigating eco-anxiety and promoting overall well-being. The primary goals are to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, enhance awareness about the importance of sustainability, and implement practical measures to reduce environmental impact within the biomedical field.

Purpose and Significance

The threat of global warming, combined with the increasing prevalence of eco-anxiety, underscores the urgent need for sustainable practices in all sectors, including biomedical research and education. PROMISE addresses this necessity by promoting environmentally responsible behaviours that not only protect ecosystems but also contribute to human health and well-being. By aligning with EUniWell's objectives, this project enhances the Alliance’s capacity to tackle pressing global challenges through collaborative and innovative approaches.

Implementation Method and Timeline

PROMISE will be executed through a multi-faceted approach that harnesses the strengths and resources of the four partner institutions: the University of Florence, Italy; the University of Cologne, Germany; Semmelweis University, Hungary; and Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Key activities include:

  • Creating a sustainability network connecting the different sites
  • Developing and disseminating comprehensive educational resources
  • Launching of recycling and resource-sharing programs
  • Empowering and supporting students to lead sustainability projects
  • Organising awareness campaigns
  • Monitoring and evaluating activities and outcomes

The project will unfold over a twelve-month timeline, starting in June 2024 and ending in May 2025. Major milestones include the launch of online conferences, the rollout of student-led projects, and the establishment of a European Network on Sustainability and Well-Being.

Expected Outcomes

PROMISE aims to achieve several clear and impactful outcomes across academia, the environment, and society. These outcomes include stronger collaboration and knowledge sharing among universities, significant reductions in waste and carbon emissions, greater student involvement and advocacy for sustainability, and the creation of a lasting framework for future sustainability efforts. Ultimately, PROMISE seeks to tackle current challenges and build a sustainable and resilient future for biomedical research and education.


Anna Julie Peired, University of Florence

Bernhard Schermer, University Hospital of Cologne

Ulyana Muñoz Acuña, Linnaeus University

László Rosivall, Semmelweis University