TRAUMA2: Pilot Implementation of a Transdisciplinary Trauma Course and Publication of Supporting Materials and Research Results

General Overview

Building on the SFC5 project "Trauma and Wellbeing: Developing an Interdisciplinary, Inter-University, Collaborative Online Certificate Program in Trauma Studies" (TRAUMA), the project team is addressing the need for trauma-informed approaches in education by introducing the Transdisciplinary Trauma Studies course for universities.

The project aims to implement a pilot course on trauma in tertiary education, develop a handbook for the course as outlined in the TRAUMA project, and publish a journal article presenting the results of a student survey on trauma education conducted during the TRAUMA project.

Purpose and Significance

In a rapidly changing world, the impacts of global challenges and trauma are often overlooked. Incorporating trauma-informed approaches into education can address the global need for open discourse about trauma. 

The integration of psychological and cultural aspects of trauma in a Transdisciplinary Trauma Course will help EUniWell students understand the influence of trauma on themselves, others, and societies. It aims to foster trauma awareness, resilience, and coping skills. By raising trauma awareness, we can contribute to a more inclusive, sustainable, and transformative way of thinking, thus reducing inequalities.

Implementation Method and Timeline

TRAUMA2 results from ongoing collaboration between the University of Florence (Prof. Beatrice Töttössy, Prof. Anna Menyhért, Lilien Pauli, Prof. Antonio Sciacovelli, Dr. Lena Dal Pozzo), Nantes Université (Prof. Abdel Boudoukha, Prof. Anne Congard, Pierre Orban), Semmelweis University (Prof. Dr. Zsolt Unoka, Dr. Evelyn Lévay, Lilla Gerlinger), and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Dr. Svitlana Paschenko, Dr. Liliia Sirokha), which began with the SFC5 TRAUMA project.

The project will launch on 1 September 2024. The course plan will be finalised in the first semester, followed by the pilot course for university students in the second semester. Throughout the project, monthly online meetings will be held to discuss lecturers' experiences, progress on the handbook, and journal article writing. An in-person workshop will take place in Florence in March 2025 to finalise publications and summarise the ongoing Trauma Course experiences.

Project results will be presented at several conferences through individual papers, roundtable discussions, and panel debates. An abstract has already been submitted for the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies conference in Belgrade in September 2024, and the project team plans to participate in the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies conference in Tbilisi in June 2025.

Expected Outcomes

The project team aims to organise a pilot phase of the Transdisciplinary Trauma Course within one semester. To ensure recognition and transparency, the project team plans to acquire micro-credentials, which can be implemented in postgraduate institutes, online platforms, and corporate training settings. The course will also provide a certificate with ECTS credits. An open-access handbook will accompany the course, and a journal article will be published using data from the Student Survey of the SFC5 TRAUMA project. Like the TRAUMA project, the project team will organise a knowledge-sharing international workshop in Florence.