EUniWell EmpowerED: A Day of Academic Excellence and Well-being Workshops (Skills Taxonomy)

05/24/2024 | by Maria Jorgelina Reyes Collovati | Well-Being Research Students Staff H2020

On 22 April 2024, two empowering workshops called “Managing our Learning Environment” and “Connecting through Communication” were organised at the University of Florence for students, researchers and administrative staff of EUniWell member universities. The event fostered growth and skills development to elevate participants’ academic journey.

 The image depicts a group of four professionals in a meeting room engaging in a teamwork gesture. Two individuals are high-fiving each other, signifying a successful collaboration or agreement. The other two are smiling and appear to be part of the celebration. The atmosphere is positive, emphasising a sense of accomplishment and mutual support. In the foreground, there’s a badge with the hashtag #Research, indicating that the picture is related to the EUniWell #Research project.

In the whirlwind of academia, where every researcher, professor, and student is perpetually chasing knowledge, one often encounters their fair share of stress. Recognising this universal challenge, two insightful workshops were offered at the University of Florence in April 2024 to equip academics with the tools needed to succeed within the academic ecosystem, blending self-care and scholarly pursuit.

Workshop 1: Managing our Learning Environment

In the world of academia, stress is often an unwelcome companion. Led by the esteemed Professor Christian Tarchi from the University of Florence, the first workshop was focused on not just surviving the rigors of academia but thriving in their midst. Emphasising resilience and adaptability, participants were equipped with a toolbox of skills designed to foster a proactive mindset.

Through this lens of resilience and adaptability, participants delved deeper into techniques designed to maintain a balance between scholarly obligations and personal well-being. From fostering a positive mindset to enhancing productivity amidst stress, each facet was meticulously designed to fortify the mental and emotional fortitude of the academic community.

Tailored for researchers, professors, and students alike, this workshop addressed the unique stressors inherent in academic pursuits. It offered a holistic approach to well-being in academia, providing insights that extend far beyond the confines of labs and lecture halls.

Workshop 2: Connecting through Communication: Clear, Concise and Confident (5C)

In the dynamic landscape of academia, where ideas reign supreme and collaboration fuels innovation, effective communication is the cornerstone of progress. Recognising this fundamental tool, the second workshop led by distinguished Professor Sheena Gardner and Dr. Que Anh Dang invited participants to develop the necessary skills to navigate the intricate web of interpersonal exchange.

With a wealth of experience spanning diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, both facilitators brought a nuanced understanding of the complexities inherent in intercultural dialogue, allowing this workshop to delve deep into the heart of effective communication. The workshop was a comprehensive roadmap, guiding participants through the intricacies of articulating ideas with clarity across various professional domains. From teaching and research to managerial roles, attendees gained valuable insights into tailoring their communication strategies to suit diverse audiences and contexts. 

In conclusion, together, these two workshops epitomised EUniWell’s commitment to growth and well-being within its academic community. By addressing the dual imperatives of self-care and scholarly pursuit, the workshops exemplified a shift towards a more resilient, empowered and interconnected academic ecosystem. As participants departed equipped with newfound insights and skills, we celebrate this collective progress towards a healthier, more vibrant academic community.  


For more information, please contact: Niccolo' Del Buono, University of Florence

Further information

This event was open to all universities within the EUniWell Alliance. The event was organised in the framework of the EUniWell  #Research project. 

The EUniWell #Research project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035821.