EUniWell Winter School on Migration and Diversity in European Cities: Call for participants open!

10/20/2021 | by Nando Sigona | Birmingham Seed Funding Call Event

The EUniWell Winter School will bring together EUniWell postgraduate students (Masters and PhD level), practitioners and internationally renowned academics to explore the frontiers of migration and diversity research. The Call for Participants is open until 5 November.

Applications are invited from postgraduate and doctoral students from EUniWell universities and practitioners from EUniWell affiliated organisations for the first EUniWell Winter School on Migration and Diversity in European Cities (MADEINEUROPE), to be held from 10 January to 4 February 2022. The deadline for applications is 5 November 2021.

Over the course of four weeks, 25 selected participants will meet for online lectures, seminars and one-to-one tutorials, and collaborate in group work. Participants will receive a travel bursary to participate to a final  workshop and academic symposium at the University of Florence in Italy on 3-4 February.

Drawing from a range of disciplinary perspectives including law, anthropology, history, social policy, social work, and sociology, participants will critically examine the politics of migration and diversity in Europe and how European cities are shaped by migration and respond, adjust and accommodate newcomers.

Participants will be introduced to a range of methodological approaches and work closely with a mentor over the duration of the course. The Winter School is directed by Professor Nando Sigona, Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham, and organised in collaborations with migration scholars at the universities of Florence, Leiden, Linnaeus and Cologne.   

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