EUniWell positions itself against anti-black racism and all other forms of racial, ethnic and cultural discrimination

09/07/2020 | Well-Being

Recent protests to end anti-black racism have heightened awareness of the structural roots of racism and its persistence in societies all over the globe.

This is a moment for EUniWellֹ’s seven partner institutions to critically reflect on their policies, practices and cultures, to address the unconscious biases, and to consider the roots of structural racism which have led to underrepresentation of racial, ethnic and cultural diversity among our staff and students as well as within our research and teaching practice.

EUniWell stands for equal rights, equal opportunities, fairness and justice for all people, irrespective of their ethnic, racial or cultural backgrounds. We reject all forms of discrimination, oppression, and racism. We firmly believe that inclusive diversity is the key to the future well-being of the people in Europe and beyond.

We will create a truly inclusive learning environment for all by developing measures and guidelines, fostering awareness, continuous self-reflection and dialogue. In building our European university, we will encourage racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in our research and teaching, our institutional structures and practices.

EUniWell, September 2020

Download our Anti Racism Declaration.

See also the EU anti-racism Action Plan of 16 September 2020.