New support system to boost research, development and innovation at Semmelweis University

07/22/2021 | by Pálma Dobozi, Eszter Turopoli | Semmelweis

The support system for research, development and innovation at Semmelweis University has been renewed and strengthened. The objective underlying the tasks of the existing and newly formed organisational units is to increase the quality, efficiency, volume and yield of scientific activities at the University.

Nine representatives of Semelweis University pose in an entrance hall, plants stand to their right and left, colourful flags hang from the ceiling, a large window can be seen in the background.
Setting up a new system to support its research R&D&I activities (from left to right): Dr. Domokos Csukás (Laboratory Animal Science Coordination Center), Dr. Péter Hegyi (Center for Translational Medicine), Dr. János Filakovszky (Clinical Research Coordinating Center), Dr. Renáta Papp (Office of the Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation), Dr. Péter Ferdinandy (Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation), Dr. Zoltán Benyó (Doctoral Council), Péter Szluka (Central Library), Dr. Gyula Péter Szigeti (Innovation Center), Dr. Zoltán Vokó (Center for Health Technology Assessment). Photo: Attila Kovács – Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University has set up a new system to support its research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities. “The new system will help our researchers increase their focus on science and innovation work, and ensure that they receive all the necessary background support,” said Dr. Péter Ferdinandy, Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation at Semmelweis University. In order to support researchers optimally, the process was started by gathering information on what is needed to enable efficient research: Clinical trial planning, biostatistics support, access to biobanks of tissue samples, intellectual property protection, submission of ethics applications and research financing are all areas that are essential for the successful work of researchers. In order to provide comprehensive background support, it was therefore decided to set up several new organisational units, in addition to the existing ones, that will support R&D&I.

R&D&I plays an essential role in international rankings, as indicators on research, citations and industry revenues account for around two-thirds of an institution’s score, notes Dr. Ferdinandy. “For the University to be further strengthened along these parameters and – in line with the goal formulated in the rector’s programme – to advance to the top 100 among global universities and to the top 5 among medical universities in Europe, we have to simultaneously increase the quality, efficiency and volume of research, while also boosting our R&D&I activity’s capacity to generate market revenues,” the Vice-Rector said.

Dr. Ferdinandy also stressed the importance of building an online core management system that allows both internal and external parties to access an online list of research tools available at the University, as well as the conditions for their use. The system is planned to be fully established by the end of the year, under the guidance of Semmelweis University’s Innovation Center.

Also among the priority projects under the direct authority of the University’s rector is the formation of a scientific data centre, the aim of which is to ensure that data from patient care at the university hospitals is available for research in a structured form and in compliance with data protection regulations. “As a result, researchers not directly involved in patient care can also access data collected from this activity, which multiplies the opportunities for scientific results,” the Vice-Rector pointed out.

Furthermore, the support system will provide a foundation for the activities of the planned Health Industry Biotechnology Science Park, Semmelweis University’s flagship project to boost R&D&I performance.

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