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08/23/2021 | by Eva Laurie | Event Staff Students

From 19 to 20 October 2021 the European University for Well-Being will be staging the inaugural FestiWell, an interactive and educational festival dedicated to well-being. Under the headline “Taking Well-Being Forward”, FestiWell will highlight our collective research, education, values and actions to foster and advance well-being. A celebration of our first year together, the 2-day event will also provide insights into the EUniWell community and showcase opportunities to get involved!

The graphic shows a visual of space in the EUniWell colour gradient from pink to light blue. The words '#FestiWell - Discover the EUniverse from 19 to 20 October 2021' can be read in the foreground. The logo of the European University for Well-Being, EUniWell, can be seen in the upper left corner.
The inaugural FestiWell will take place from 19 to 20 October 2021. Image source: EUniWell

Open, engaging and interactive – that is the first FestiWell of the European University for Well-Being from 19 to 20 October 2021. With a particular programme focus on our students, academic and university staff, we cordially invite all interested parties to join in online and on our EUniWell university campuses!

Under the headline “Taking Well-Being Forward” we want to reflect on the past year and continue to develop and share our mutual vision for the future.Our first year of working and studying together under pandemic conditions, that is, mostly digitally and from home, has shaped and shifted our idea of well-being. We have been led to consider how we want to create, advance and foster well-being going forward. Instead of returning “back to normal”, how can we do better, take greater care of ourselves, others and our environment? What opportunities do we see? What can we look forward to?

The Programme

In this spirit, and true to this year’s theme “Taking Well-being Forward”, the FestiWell programme will:

  • Explore what well-being means for us at our seven EUniWell partner universities and beyond, now and in future. 
  • Be a celebration of what has been achieved so far, showcasing ways for students and staff to join in in taking the EUniWell university alliance forward in the years to come.
  • Highlight ways our universities contribute to well-being through research and education, as well as through their values and actions beyond laboratories and lecture halls.

A key aspect of the 2-day event will be the presentation of new and existing key initiatives of EUniWell, highlighting opportunities to study abroad, sharing our research areas, and launching the 3rd EUniWell Seed Funding Call. As a participant you can also look forward to insightful talks and join in with a number of cultural events, including a cook-along, musical and sporty programme items. Student initiatives and student life on the EUniWell campuses are also waiting to be discovered.

Get connected

You can get to know EUniWell staff and students from the comfort of your own sofa – in online chats and break-out sessions – or during campus conversations and receive authentic reports about being part of the truly European University experience that is EUniWell.

The EUniWell social media channels on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn will also provide information on FestiWell by sharing regular updates. Join in the conversation under #FestiWell and #EUnited4Wellbeing, exchange information and network with others.

We look forward to seeing you on campus and online!

Register for FestiWell

All FestiWell Events will be free of charge!

Registration will open soon.

For more information please go to our event subpage, or contact info[@]euniwell.eu.


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