Students against Corona: Numerous volunteers get involved at the EUniWell universities

05/08/2020 | Corona

EUniWell students volunteer in different ways to contribute to the effort against the Corona pandemic. Their commitment is both practical and organisational in nature and exemplifies a young generation committed to improving well-being.

Samuel Hartman and Kevin Hofman

In Leiden, two students from the Security Studies programme, Samuel Hartman and Kevin Hofman, have developed a platform that matches Dutch students willing to volunteer in times of crisis with the organizations that work on Corona-related issues. Learn more about their co-creational initiative here:

Meanwhile, more than 700 Cologne students from medicine and dentistry have committed to volunteer in infection control centres, public health departments and hospitals. The medical student union at the University of Cologne is actively looking for further volunteers who can register online: (German).

At Semmelweis, the Dean of the Medical Faculty is inviting students to volunteer (

In Birmingham, medical students volunteer as call operators for the West Midlands Ambulance Service, thus supporting the life-saving infrastructure of their community ( 

As the world concentrates its resources on combatting Corona, EUniWell’s students show initiative and commitment to contribute to restoring well-being in their communities.