Workshop Review: "EUniWhat - What is EUniWell?"

10/22/2021 | by Linda Schlachter | Cologne Event Students

On 29 September, the kick-off workshop "EUniWhat - What is EUniWell?" for students took place on the campus of the University of Cologne. Take a look back with student board member Linda Schlachter, who took part in the event.

The photo shows three students sitting at a table. They are working on a poster, which the student sat in the middle is writing on.
During different working sessions, students took advantage of the opportunity to develop their understanding of the project. Image: Eva Laurie

On 29 September members of the EUniWell team at the University of Cologne invited students to participate in the kick-off workshop “EUniWhat - What is EUniWell?” in order to increase awareness of the project, introduce the people behind the scenes and explain how the whole project is structured.

After a warm digital welcome by Prof. Dr. Beatrix Busse, the 12 participants engaged in talks about the benefits of a European University, about how the almost utopian project architecture came to be and how each and every interested student can take part in it. During different working sessions, brainstorming in small groups, as well as through presentations in plenary, students took advantage of the opportunity to develop their understanding of the project.

Besides acquiring knowledge of the different structural levels of the project and gaining insight into committee work, an essential part was to clarify and identify everyone’s role in the world of EUniWell and why EUniWell needs interested and dedicated students. Not only the workshop itself, but also EUniWell does not work without students, their ideas and input. Therefore, essential topics as “participating in international working groups” or “taking part in the Student Board” were especially highlighted.  

In order to make a positive change towards normality, the workshop took place on campus (vaccinated, tested or recovered), after almost 1 ½ years of almost exclusively digital encounters. It was aimed at all University of Cologne students and participants varied - from people who had already been involved in the past to people who had never heard about the project before.

If you missed the workshop and still want to take part in EUniWell, you are welcome to join the next meeting of the Cologne student arena on 9 November 2021. For more information contact Judith Barth (jbarth5[at]

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