EUniWell Staff Training Week

08/05/2023 to 12/05/2023

EUniWell University of Florence EUniWell-Event

The EUniWell Staff Training Week will take place at the University of Florence, Florence, Italy, from 8–12 May 2023. It is organised by the University of Florence, in cooperation with Linnaeus University, Sweden.

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Intercultural communication, conflict management, inclusion and diversity, and sustainability play an important role in our institutions. They are the common ground on which our consortium universities can not only develop their cooperation and share best practices, but they are also fundamental priorities for building a society that prioritises well-being in all its forms.

For these reasons, we have selected these four topics for the EUniWell Staff Training Week.

The EUniWell Staff Training Week offers all participants the opportunity to meet colleagues from the consortium universities so that they can benefit from our network, develop a shared vision, exchange good practices and reflect on a possible vision for the future.

Our aim is to create a close collaboration between the staff of our institutions to discuss how we can spread this concept to all our communities and provide them with the relevant training to improve well-being and democracy.

The event is financed by EUniWell funds.

Eligibility and how to apply

The EUniWell Staff Training Week is open to administrative staff from all  EUniWell universities (University of Birmingham, University of Cologne, University of Florence, Linnaeus University, University of Murcia, Nantes Université, University of Santiago de Compostela, Semmelweis University, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, and University of Konstanz).

A maximum of four participants per university will be accepted. 

Interested parties can submit their request via the following Google form:

The deadline for applications is 14 March 2023. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent by email at the beginning of April. 


The training sessions provided during the EUniwell Staff Training Week are free.

Those who need a signed learning agreement, please send it by email to


Or send an email to one of the following addresses:


Download the agenda here.