6 new projects to be funded under EUniWell's third Seed Funding Call

02/03/2022 | by Justine Le Garsmeur | Participation Seed Funding Call

Six new projects have been selected in the framework of the third call of EUniWell’s Seed Funding Programme aimed at strengthening innovation and collaboration within the EUniWell alliance.

The image shows two open hands holding a string of lights against a light blue background. To the left, in large letters in the EUniWell colour gradient from cyan to magenta, it says "3rd Seed Funding Call", next to which is a checkmark. Below that it says "Discover our Seed Funded Projects".
For the third time, EUniWell supports innovative well-being projects within the framework of its seed funding programme. Image source: EUniWell

For the third time, EUniWell supports innovative well-being projects, implemented collaboratively at its partner universities, within the framework of its seed funding programme.

The selected projects will contribute to further stimulate innovative research, teaching, policy development and student well-being in our seven universities.

The specific objective of this call to increase the student participation in EUniWell throughout the Seed Funding Programme has been achieved, with all selected projects having official student involvement and two being student-led. Moreover, all projects were evaluated jointly by students and academic staff.

A kick-off meeting for all newly funded projects will be organised on 2 March at 14:00 (CET) / 13:00 (GMT).

Out of the 20 applications received, the EUniWell selection committee decided to support the following projects:

1. The Environmental Humanities for Well-Being (EHWell)

EHWell will position EUniWell as a trailblazer for a European teaching space in Environmental Humanities to foster the well-being and empowerment of students, citizens, and communities in a new climatic regime. Rotating summer schools will contribute to enhancing international collaboration and the development of shared curricula.

2. Cognitive challenges of online vs in person learning in EUniwell (DI.IPL)

DI.IPL will provide good practices in online learning methodology in order to improve students’ performance and well-being.

3. TransWell

The project aims at improving the work-based learning in EUniWell universities in order to enhance the students’ well-being by helping them develop their employability.

4. Environment and Beliefs in Law and Religion (ENBELREL)

ENBELREL is a cross-disciplinary project that will connect research and teaching on environmental topics in departments of law and religion. Its purpose is to amplify discrete efforts and create new networks for students across disciplines and institutions.

5. Second Career Teachers Well-being (SECWELL)

SECWELL will explore the topicof lateral entry to the teaching profession. The project aims to identify training needs of second-career teachers and guide support actions offered by universities for non-traditional learners on their second career path.

6. StudentWell

This project will develop health and well-being practices for and with students across all the EUniWell universities.

At EUniWell, we are proud of all the projects that we get to support through our funding programme and look forward with anticipation to the results of this 3rd Seed Funding round.


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