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02/13/2023 | by Louise Benchetrit | Cologne Florence Murcia Teacher Education

The EUniWell Teacher Education Arena is offering three distinct pilot courses at three different EUniWell universities. Apply now!

A photograph of students in front of the University of Cologne by Nathan Dreessen.

The EUniWell Teacher Education Arena was conceived as a place to promote cooperation between schools, local communities and universities. To build on this network the Teacher Education Arena is now offering three distinct courses for future teachers.

Teacher Education courses

1. University of Cologne from 13 to 17 March 2023

“International & inclusive teacher education with a focus on STEM-education: from the Maritime Rhine Station and Science Lab to local Cologne schools”

The international students, who visit us at the University of Cologne, will be invited to the Ecologic Rhine Station. This extracurricular place of learning moors in a crucial position. Scientists monitor the invasion of neozootical organisms into the Rhine as well as the influence of climate change, pollution and microplastics. To make the work of the scientists tangible, a large Science Lab for inclusive school classes and teacher training is installed in the Ship’s Main Deck.

EUniWell students will work on assigned tasks in the Science Lab, communicate their findings, and jointly develop responsible strategies for their future leadership in science and teaching. During their stay in Cologne, the students will also be visiting a regional school.

Find out more in our video (German with English Subtitles):

2. University of Florence from 17 to 21 April 2023

“Education toward a sustainable future”

Today's professionals need the ability to imagine novel solutions to tackle wicked problems that a rapidly changing world presents us with and that cannot be addressed with the solutions of the past. During this workshop week, basic skills needed to learn how to work while imagining possible futures will be developed through both indoor and outdoor activities. Reflection and self-assessment skills will be developed across the board.

Learning outcomes:

  • Ability to imagine a range of different future scenarios and consider whether they are are sustainable
  • Ability to understand how the world might change as we project into the future and how these changes can be considered from an educational and other perspectives
  • Ability to think creatively about possibilities for the future and challenge propositions critically

Application deadline: 20 March 2023

3. University of Murcia from 22 to 26 May 2023

“Know yourself, know your future”

Teachers must be able to integrate the labour market into the classroom and, accordingly, must be able to guide students towards a more meaningful learning experience, to identify their skills and to engage them in lifelong learning. This programme will analyse content on the labour market that can be integrated into the classroom and how it can be worked with in order to promote skills that meet real needs.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify real-world issues to be integrated in the classroom.
  • Design methodologies to cope with real-world professional challenges
  • Promote self-learning strategies for a professional career

Application deadline: 22 April 2023

Call for applications:

There are places for two students from each university to participate in the courses. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please apply according to your university procedure:

Find more information on the EUniWell Teacher Education Arena here.




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