EUniWell Leadership Fellowship: an innovative and a transformative international journey

07/09/2024 | by Dr. Anders Heger | European Universities Florence H2020 Nantes Research

The second round of the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship Programme concluded on 2 July with an in-person workshop at Nantes Université. Held under the EUniWell #Research initiative, the programme brought together 16 participants with diverse academic backgrounds from across the EUniWell Alliance.

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Building on the feedback and experiences from the pilot round, the second edition of the Leadership Fellowship under the EUniWell #Research project’s Research Training Academy gathered 16 participants from various EUniWell disciplines for a comprehensive learning journey. The programme, which combines online courses with in-person events, began at the University of Florence on 22 and 23 April and concluded at Nantes Université on 2 July. The participants, all seasoned researchers at different stages of their academic career, aimed to take on leadership roles or enhance their skills within their current positions.

The programme’s primary objective was to cultivate and enhance leadership skills with a strong emphasis on well-being. To achieve this, the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship adopts a holistic approach, incorporating coaching, self-reflection, and self-training through a web-based app, along with peer-to-peer support and cultural exchange. Throughout the programme, participants delved into essential topics such as fostering workplace well-being, leading and communicating effectively within interdisciplinary, intersectoral, and diverse teams, and creating a supportive and health-oriented work environment.

What participants say

Hearing directly from our participants provides invaluable insights into the impact and effectiveness of the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship. Dr. Evans Asamane from the University of Birmingham highlighted several aspects of the Fellowship: “I found the Leadership Fellowship Programme so insightful as it provided me a platform to work towards becoming a transformational leader.  Notably, learning how to communicate effectively, delegate, manage conflict, and provide constructive feedback will serve me well in supporting to build the capacity and well-being of my team, leading to increased productivity.  Lastly, the blended mode of delivery was so good as it made it possible to combine it with my current work schedule.”

Dr.-Ing. Ihsanullah Sohoo, representing Linnaeus University, emphasised some key aspects of the programme: “Through participating in the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship Programme, I learned about personal well-being, communication, leadership styles and conflict management, which are very crucial for a leadership role.”

University of Cologne’s Dr. Débora B. Trentini Schmidt contributed the following: “The programme of the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship was very insightful to me, as it provided an opportunity not only for me to self-reflect who I want to be as leader, but also to share views and experiences with colleagues from different cultures and academic areas. I have learned very useful tools and strategies to promote a healthy and productive environment in my team and in my institution.”

As the second round of the Fellowship ends, we will be evaluating the lessons learned and thinking about the future of the Leadership Fellowship. Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we shape the future of leadership and well-being within the EUniWell academic community!

Further information

The EUniWell Leadership Fellowship Programme is developed under the umbrella of the EUniWell #Research project as part of the H2020 programme under the Science with and for Society (SwafS) call.

The Programme receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035821.


For more information about the EUniWell Leadership Fellowship programme, please contact Dr. Anders Heger.


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