EUniWell Summer School “COVID-19: Impact on European health & well-being”

08/16/2022 | by Mira van den Oever | Health Well-Being Event

Watch the aftermovie for a look back at the EUniWell Summer School “COVID-19: Impact on European health & well-being”.

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Bachelor's and master's students, as well as PhD candidates, came together from 10 to 13 July at Leiden University's The Hague campus for the EUniWell Summer School “COVID-19: Impact on European health & well-being”. Participants attended lectures and workshops on the public health impact of the pandemic. They also discussed post-pandemic health and healthcare.

Watch the aftermovie with the reactions of participating students and lecturers from all over Europe here.


Research within EUniWell

There are four different research areas within EUniWell. The “Health and Well-Being” Arena develops interdisciplinary education for a new generation of professionals to meet the healthcare needs of a diverse and ageing society. This Arena concentrates on combining and strengthening the research expertise of the different universities. Want to know more? Visit the ‘Research & Outreach’ section on our website.


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