EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator: second round of workshops selected

04/11/2023 | by Jo Hawley-Woodall | Participation Well-Being H2020 Research

Seven more workshops selected to explore opportunities for shared research activities.

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The second round of workshops supported by the EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator has now been selected. Seven workshops, all related to the EUniWell core themes of health, individual and social well-being, the environment and education, will take place during April and May 2023. The workshops cover a wide range of topics, from ageing to tourism (see below for a full list).

All will involve at least three EUniWell partners, with some bringing together up to five different institutions. Many of these workshops will be the starting point for brand-new partnerships, while others build on previous successful collaborations.

They follow on from our first round of workshops, which were delivered earlier this year. Workshop leads from this round described their experiences very positively. One talked of, “a great opportunity to learn from each other” and “the best start for a future collaboration”.

The seven workshops now selected from our second call are:

  • Applications of Cryo-Electron Tomography in Health
  • Mental health and behavioural economics
  • Developing comprehensive biomarkers for cancer and ageing (onco-ageing biomarkers)
  • Science shops for well-being
  • EUniWell PhD Workshop
  • Advancing biocultural well-being tourism
  • Impact of gender roles on health and well-being

Background: Laying the foundations for collaborative research

EUniWell brings together 10 European universities: each with its own unique assets and strengths. At all of these institutions, researchers are helping to increase our understanding of well-being and to find ways to improve citizens’ quality of life.

In our globalised world, where the issues we face cross borders and communities, we believe that researchers must work together, learn from and support each other. This is why we set up the EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator, which encourages collaboration between researchers from our member institutions through online workshops and small-scale projects.

Third call now open

Our third call for workshops is now open and researchers are again invited to apply to run online collaborative workshops on topics relating to EUniWell’s four research arenas.  

For more information please visit:

Workshops which are open to participants will be advertised on our events page. If you are interested in any of those listed above, or would like to find out further information about the Well-Being Research Incubator initiative, please contact Jo Hawley-Woodall at the University of Birmingham: euniwell-incubator[at]


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