EUniWell Workshop on “AI-Driven Tools in Healthcare” at Linnaeus University

05/16/2024 | by Eszter Turopoli | European Universities Linnaeus

In April 2024, the members of the EUniWell Well-Being Research Incubator project called ASTUTENESS gathered at Linnaeus University for a meeting, focusing on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and healthcare decision-making.

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Exploring AI in healthcare decision-making

The ASTUTENESS project explores the efficiency and trustworthiness of AI-driven Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS). Over the course of 23-24 April 2024, experts gathered at the campuses of Linnaeus University in Kalmar and Växjö to delve into the optimal approaches and potential pitfalls of utilising AI for medical treatment decisions. The agenda included four sessions focusing on AI in medical training, assessing trust in AI, crafting guidelines, and a talk by Professor Pierre-Antoine Gaurroud on “The Data Clinic of Nantes Université”.

Addressing critical healthcare challenges

Recognising the importance of trustworthy AI in the face of global health challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing workloads, the project aims to deliver practical guidelines based on real use cases. By enhancing CDSSs, the project seeks to maintain quality care and ensure resilient healthcare systems.

During the meeting in April, the project embarked on a multi-faceted approach to address key challenges in healthcare decision support. The first task involved assessing the scope for deep learning models to predict potential drug-related problems (DRPs), leading to a report on Supervised Deep Learning for DRPs. Subsequently, the project explored the potential of pattern mining methods to extract underlying knowledge from clinical datasets to tackle antimicrobial resistance. Task three focused on proposing mechanisms to measure trust invested in AI services from a social perspective, resulting in a report on the Measurement of Trust in AI and a pilot implementation.

Driving Innovation for Better Healthcare

Through collaborative efforts within the EUniWell #Research Programme, the ASTUTENESS project endeavours to advance understanding of AI’s benefits and limitations in healthcare decision support. By fostering trust in AI-based systems, the project paves the way for future collaborative initiatives, ultimately driving innovation for better healthcare outcomes. 

Stay tuned for insights and advancements from the ASTUTENESS project as it continues to drive innovation at the critical intersection of technology and healthcare.

Further information

The EUniWell #Research project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101035821.

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