Event: Rethinking the Teaching of English

06/08/2021 | by Eva Laurie | Event Teacher Education

EUniWell professors Beatrix Busse and Michaela Mahlberg welcome (future) teacher educators to a free online lecture and discussion on the future of teaching English on 22 June 2021 – registration is open now

The image shows a colour gradient from light blue to purple to pink in the background, while the foreground depicts the portraits of the two professors Busse and Mahlberg on the left and written information about the upcoming lecture on the right.
EUniWell professors Beatrix Busse and Michaela Mahlberg will host the lecture and discussion on the future of teaching English on 22 June 2021. Image source: EUniWell

Education and mobility form a core part of the EUniWell mission. The current Covid-19 pandemic has placed these issues under a particular spotlight. There is an urgent need for more and better digital infrastructure. But, most of all, teachers face an enormous task as they are managing the crisis and the future of their students. Even as we leave Covid behind, the world will continue to change at breakneck speed, presenting us with opportunities as well as challenges. In facing these continuous transformation processes, foreign languages, and English in particular, play a crucial role in building resilience. As a door-opener and connecting element between people around the world, it is this language especially that contributes to networking, cooperation and co-creation. Combined with strong digital skills, it can have a huge impact.

Background: teacher education and EUniWell

Teacher education is one of four current priority fields for EUniWell. The alliance provides education and training for approximately 20,000 future teachers, and the Universities of Cologne and Birmingham, to which the speakers at this lecture event belong, as well as Semmelweis Egyetem, are secondary school operators. EUniWell therefore highlights teacher education as an important strategic component in all performance areas.

Information about the event:

This online event is for (future) teacher educators and aims to build a bridge between (i) the vision of teacher education of the future and (ii) innovative methods for teaching English. Furthermore, the speakers will discuss ideas for possible joint projects with participants.

Date: Tuesday 22 June 2021

Time: 17:00 – 19:00 (CEST) / 16:00 – 18:00 (BST)


  • 17:00 – 17:45: “Teacher Education for the Future and the Role of English”, Prof. Beatrix Busse, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies, and Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Cologne
  • 17:45 – 18:30: “Teaching English in a Digital World”, Prof. Michaela Mahlberg, Professor of Corpus Linguistics, University of Birmingham, UK
  • 18:30 – 19:00: Discussion

If you would like to participate, please register under the following link: https://t1p.de/drrc

For further in information please contact Ingo Kleiber at ingo.kleiber[at]uni-koeln.de.