Event: Semmelweis PhD Scientific Days start in Budapest

07/07/2021 | by Eszter Turopoli | Event Semmelweis

Well aligned with EuniWell’s objectives, the event is set up to facilitate effective knowledge transfer, enhance students’ competences and provide helpful networking opportunities. This year's conference takes place from 7-8 July in Budapest.

The image shows a colourful graphic that resembles a skull with a brain and various plants growing out of it. At the top and bottom of the image is information about the Semmelweis PhD Scientific Days 2021 in Hungarian and English.
The Semmelweis PhD Scientific Days take place from 7-8 July in Budapest. Image source: Semmelweis University

The annual PhD Scientific Days, organised by Semmelweis University, offer students the opportunity to report on their research results and practice their presentation and discussion skills.

In addition to acquiring important knowledge transfer skills, the PhD Scientific Days are a great occasion to initiate scientific collaborations and friendships between young researchers who represent the next generation of the scientific community.

The conference also provides a platform for the recently established ÚNKP Excellence Scholars to give the obligatory conference presentation in front of a larger audience. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for Semmelweis University to extend this initiative to its partner universities.

This year’s conference represents a particular highlight as it will be the first in-person meeting for the community of Semmelweis doctoral students since the start of the covid pandemic.


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