First EUniWell Virtual Staff Training Week took place from May 17th till 20th, 2021

05/27/2021 | by Benedikt Ruppert | Staff

The first EUniWell Staff Training was a big success. With 40 participants, reprensenting teaching- and support staff from all seven EUniWell partners the staff training had a very good number of attendants to learn about teaching and working interculturally within EUniWell in theory and practice!

Photo Credits: Lena Kulmala

Starting off on Monday May 17th, the participants were introduced to EUniWell and its different partner universities. The following workshop discussed core values within the higher education system. Day one was finished by a panel discussion about EUniWell. On Tuesday the participants discussed key concepts in intercultural communication (IC) and the significance of language in IC. Interculturality continued to be the topic on Wednesday. The workshops held covered the intercultural EUniWell classroom and how one can design a curriculum to embrace intercultural understanding. On the final day the participants spoke about the Four Rooms of Leadership in Academia and wrapped up the first EUniWell Staff Training Week.

One of the outcomes of the wrap-up was the idea to arrange virtual classroom opportunities for staff and students and an exchange forum between status groups within the partner universities. This goes hand in hand with the idea of an internal coffee corner to connect during breaks.

To further develop EUniWell, the Intercultural Staff Training collected ideas to improve the alliance and how to collaborate on the exchange of ideas. This includes the idea of a network of staff working in higher education development at each partner university, to further spread the information about EUniWell within the partner universities, and a teaching staff training network to support the intercultural elements in the curricula of the partner universities.