International students create creative social media campaign for research station on Öland

07/02/2024 | by Annika Sand | Environment Linnaeus Participation Students

From 23 to 26 June, students from five EUniWell universities gathered on Öland, Sweden to design a social media campaign for Station Linné. The course combined remote learning and an on-site internship, culminating in innovative strategies to promote biodiversity and climate change awareness.

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Course overview and objectives

For five days at the end of June, 16 students from five EUniWell universities joined our International Service Learning project on the island of Öland in Sweden. Their task during this course was to create a social media campaign on biodiversity and climate change for Station Linné, a field research station on the world heritage site Stora Alvaret. 

The course, titled “Design a Social Media Campaign for Station Linné” was created by the Universities of Birmingham, Cologne and Konstanz, as well as Nantes Université, and Linnaeus University. This year’s International Service Learning Project was led by Per Pettersson Löfquist, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Studies at Linnaeus University. “We have an interdisciplinary approach in this course, with teachers and specialists in social media, tourism, biology, and digital technology”, says Per Pettersson Löfquist. “The students have also learned presentation techniques and how to deal with the stress and nervousness that can arise when presenting a project.”

The International Service Learning format

The course spanned ten weeks, primarily conducted via Zoom, with the final presentation and conclusion taking place during an on-site internship at Station Linné on Öland. This marks the first and only time the students meet in person. “The students have worked in three groups to create a strategy, a campaign, and a way for the research station to work with a corporate influencer”, explains Per. “They have done a really good job and have suggested concrete ways in which Station Linné can work with social media in the future!”

Within the International Service Learning format, EUniWell universities are collaborating with various non-profit organisations (NPOs) committed to societal improvement. The goal is to co-create projects based on the organisation’s needs, the university’s expertise, and the students’ interests. “We are already preparing next year’s project. We will be at the University of Konstanz in Germany working on a development project linked to Amnesty International”, Per reveals. “I really want to emphasise how EUniWell in a project of this kind provides an environment and support that enables cooperation beyond what I have previously experienced."

Students’ experiences

The students’ experiences highlight the course’s impact. Amina Kluth from the University of Cologne shared: “We met on Zoom, and right from the start there was a great energy in the group. My expectations for the course... well, this goes way beyond them! I have already recommended it to a friend.” The practical aspect was emphasised by Yury Ovseenko from the University of Konstanz, who said: “We are doing something that can really be used by Station Linné. It feels good to do something that will be useful.” Marliina Paldan from Linnaeus University found the course beneficial for her marketing studies: “It's a practical course where we can use the theory, and that's really good.”

Somaya Ibnouali from Nantes Université noted: “When I applied for the course, I went outside my comfort zone. But I took courage and did this for myself, on my own, without my student friends at home.” Diya Khistariya from the University of Birmingham said: “I recommend this 100 percent! A great opportunity and a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.” Haaris Ali from the University of Birmingham shared: “This is personal development for me. The people we meet here... we build friendships. It's very inclusive!”

The International Service Learning format continues to be a great success, thanks to the dedication of the EUniWell students and the organising universities. Stay tuned for next year’s opportunity to get involved.

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