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03/25/2022 | by Ansam Ghazaleen and Hana Idelbi | Students Staff Participation Well-Being

The project “Mental Health Symposium” won funding in the second EUniWell Seed Funding Call. Students are now invited to participate in the implementation of the project, either in an active role or by taking part in the university-specific surveys.

The graphic shows the logo of the project, a lotus flower in the EUniWell colour gradient from cyan to magenta, in the middle of which an abstracted figure in white raises its arms. The words "Semmelweis Mental Health Symposium" can be read underneath.
Students are invited to participate in the implementation of the project.

The project aim of the “Mental Health Symposium” is to raise awareness of mental health and improve the resources of EUniWell universities.

The approach of the project team consists of five different steps, which are designed to achieve not only a comprehensive inventory of the partner universities' resources, but also to take concrete steps to improve mental health care at the universities. The five stages of the project are planned as follows:

  1. Standardised questionnaires are being distributed by students from each university for a specific period of time regarding the mental health resources available at their campus and the well-being of the respective students. Students who actively help in this process will receive a budget for performing tasks in this context.
  2. Researchers with expertise in data analysis from Leiden University will be funded to evaluate the collected data from the surveys. The results are to be presented at the Mental Health Symposium and will eventually be published. 
  3. Student Involvement Clubs, led by students from the EUniWell universities, will receive funding through the project. The clubs should be related to one of the seven following areas: Sport, stress management, mindfulness, physiotherapy, creativity (music, art, writing, reading), nutrition and enhancement. The intended duration for each club is one semester. Parallel to this, students who are performing research in the field of mental health can receive funding upon application. This allows them to continue their research in order to present their findings at the symposium.
  4. Finally, research and surveys directed throughout the year will lead up to a three-day event, the Mental Health Symposium, which will take place online or in-person.
  5. The Mental Health Symposium will be followed up on via an online platform on the EUniWell website. This platform is designed for universities to exchange ideas and report progress for the duration of one year following the symposium.

Further information

If you would like to get more information on this project, register for a Student Involvement Club or take part in the university-specific survey, use the embedded link! 

  • Are you a dynamic student? Are you interested in any of the mentioned tasks? Would you like to have some extra budget and an amazing project on your CV? 
  • Are you a professional in the field of mental health? Do you have a research topic to share with us? 

Then join this project now and don’t hesitate to contact us!




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