MiniCOP26: sustainable actions for EUniWell universities

11/05/2021 | by Irene Ghaleb | Florence Birmingham Event

MiniCOP26 was part of Festiwell. The event gave students, researchers and professors from the EUniWell consortium the opportunity to find concrete answers to the global problems that currently hinder economic, social and environmental well-being. The aim was to create a simulation of the Conference of Parties, the annual meeting of the countries that have ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The photo shows a small library room with books on the walls all around. In the centre of the picture in the background a screen can be seen on which a Zoom meeting is being broadcast. Two people are standing in front of it. In the foreground are rows of chairs with participants facing the screen sitting with their backs to the camera.
Image source: University of Florence

20 concrete proposals emerged to make our universities more sustainable. EUniWell wants to intervene and act to moderate climate change and global warming, in order to make a meaningful contribution to our planet. The objective of the MiniCop26 workshop was to outline a common value structure on sustainability for the EUniWell consortium. The challenge of the workshop was to shape the future of EUniWell and take it to the next level by aligning the ideas of each university with their individual strengths, interests and values. The primary goal of the workshop was to bring the climate issue closer to the daily lives of European citizens, in the hope that participants would be led from being aware to being proactive, for example by changing established habits. By sharing and exchanging actions and initiatives, the intention was to inspire students to make concrete changes at the local level across the EUniWell locations. The Minicop26 workshop sought to support good practices to limit global warming.

A full report on the workshop and its outcomes can be downloaded here.

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