New Teacher Academy “Teacher Education for a Future in Flux” receives Erasmus+ funding

03/27/2023 | by Curie Lee and Jan Springob | European Universities Teacher Education

A great joint success of EUniWell and its Teacher Education Arena. The partner universities, together with other European universities, will launch an academy that enriches pre- and in-service teachers.

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With the academy ‘Teacher Education for a Future in Flux (TEFF)’, the partners will establish an institution for pre- and in-service teachers starting in June 2023. TEFF will be funded with 1.5 million euros for a period of three years. The academy aims to provide students and teachers with better career development opportunities in an attempt to make the profession more attractive. The academy was initiated by the European University for Well-Being and is managed in collaboration with the Teacher Education Network. The academy is one of 16 projects selected for the European Commission’s ‘Partnership for Excellence – Erasmus+ Teacher Academies’ call for proposals.

Ten European universities, eight schools, three further education institutions, the district government of Cologne and five external partners will join forces to strengthen interdisciplinary teacher education across all phases. By initiating this academy, the partners will respond to the need to equip present and future teachers with the digital, green, inclusive and well-being skills essential for them to meet future challenges. The academy will also tap into the synergies created by the European University for Well-being Alliance and the Teacher Education Network. 

Professor Beatrix Busse, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies at the University of Cologne and Chief Development Officer of TEFF and of the European University for Well-Being, said, “This Teacher Academy cultivates change-agents in dire times. We are obligated to develop European-wide responses to European-wide problems using agile, cross-phased methods and employing resources that enable all teachers to focus, importantly, on the well-being of our children, students, teachers, universities and local, regional, European and global societies.”

Dr Jan Springob, Managing Director of TEFF and former teacher, believes, “The manifold cooperation of schools, universities, and further education institutions will boost the attractiveness and futures literacy of the teaching profession in all participating countries, namely Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Spain.”

The academy will offer innovative teaching and learning methods and formats, and the learning modules and lecture series will take place using hybrid, digital and in-person formats. These activities will be managed using agile project management methods and the products will be developed, tested and evaluated to produce cross-phased and interdisciplinary results.

Partner university institutions

  1. Linnaeus University
  2. Universidad de Murcia
  3. Universita Degli Studi Firenze
  4. Oslomet
  5. Saxion University of Applied Sciences
  6. Universiteit Utrecht
  7. KU Leuven
  8. Nantes Université
  9. University of Helsinki
  10. University of Cologne

Further education providers 

  1. Bezirksregierung Köln including 3 Competence Teams
  2. Pacemaker Initiative 
  3. Teacher Training School of Nantes University (Inspé)


  1. Academie Tien (NUOVO) (UU) 
  2. CEIP Virgen del Oro (UoM)
  3. De Wendakker Primary School (SUAS)
  4. Helsinki Normal Lyceum (UoH)
  5. Inclusive University School Cologne (IUS) 
  7. Kungshögskolan in Ljungby (LNU) 
  8. Växjö Internationella Grundskola (LNU)

Additional partners and stakeholders 

  1. Amt für Schulentwicklung der Stadt Köln
  2. LUMA Centre Finland
  3. Ministerium für Schule und Bildung des Landes NRW
  4. Ruhr Universität Bochum
  5. Thomas More University of Applied Sciences 


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