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02/27/2023 | by EUniWell | Event Linnaeus Participation Well-Being

It’s time to Upskill, Connect and Celebrate! This year, the European University for Well-Being will be hosting its annual FestiWell at Linnaeus University in Sweden from 3-4 April 2023.

The picture shows different students with the text "FestiWell 2023 - 'Upskill, Connect and Celebrate!' - 3-4 April at Linnaeus University, Sweden".

Students and staff members from all EUniWell universities are warmly invited to attend the event which will take place in-person at Linnaeus University’s campus in Växjö, Sweden, from 3-4 April 2023. The registration period will run from 1-17 March 2023. A limited number of travel and accommodation bursaries will be available for students and staff coming from EUniWell partner universities, so we encourage you to sign up as early as possible during the registration period.

About the event

FestiWell 2023 is being organised with the aim of bringing together students, researchers, educators and staff members from all EUniWell institutions to “Upskill, Connect and Celebrate” at the in-person event at Linnaeus University. Inspired by the European Union’s announcement of 2023 as the European Year of Skills, FestiWell 2023 will focus on offering a variety of workshops and activities that explore the importance of developing technical, academic, communicative, entrepreneurial and creative skills, among others. The overarching themes of the programme are: entrepreneurship, digitalisation, employability, and soft skills. There will also be well-being activities and social activities surrounding the event.

Skills and well-being

The European University for Well-Being pursues a holistic, knowledge-based and action-oriented approach to well-being, in response to the call of the Council of the European Union to the Member States to promote the ‘Economy of Wellbeing’, a virtuous cycle between society, economy and the environment, leading to greater well-being across those dimensions. An economy of well-being has four main pillars: education and skills; health; social protection and redistribution; and gender equality. The first pillar is education and skills, because skills are the most important driver of long-term economic growth. And what is true at the macro-economic level also holds at the individual level. Skilled workers will enjoy better job opportunities and fully engage in society. In short, skills change worlds!

So, with this year’s FestiWell programme, we hope to make a small contribution to the skills and education of the EUniWell family, to create new impetus for lifelong learning, and in doing so, to help you, our community, access quality jobs and a better quality of life.


The registration is open 1 March–17 March.


Further information

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