Summer Course in Economics hosted by the Department of Economics of the University of Florence


Are you interested in well-being entrepreneurship development in tourism or how artificial intelligence can help reach the Sustainable Development Goals? If this is the case, make sure to register for the summer course @Unifi from June 28th till July 1st 2021.

The summer course at the University of Florence will be held by Dr. Lali Lindell of Linneaus University and Assistant Professor Dr. Francesco Fuso-Nerini. Dr. Lindell’s course will cover the topics of well-being entrepreneurship development in the industry of tourism. She will explain the connections between well-being tourism and sustainable development. An important subject of the course is going to be current trends for the industry and best practices of well-being tourism. Dr. Fuso-Nerini’s course gives a general overview of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help us to reduce the effects of climate change.

The course is organised by the Department of Economics and Management and is planned to be on campus in Florence if the Covid 19 vaccination programme is successful and the pandemic situation in Italy and Europe allows it. If this is not the case, the course will switch the full programme to online while the topics stay the same. The courses are taught in English.

If you want more information on course topics of each lecturer or further organisational details please have a closer look at the brochure linked on our event website. For questions, contact the International Relations of the University of Florcence under international.relations[at]

Please register for the summer course under this link until May 31, 2021.