The Discovery of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem of EUniWell’s consortium members is a project to join forces and connect the seven local entrepreneurship centres

06/02/2021 | by Benedikt Ruppert | Seed Funding Call

The project was successful within the EUniWell Seed Funding competition and aims to use the potential of the innovation power of the entrepreneurial systems of each university to produce greater value for the overall goal of well-being.

Discovery of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem strives to use the knowledge and talent of the member universities in order to solve problems. The project is split into three phases. In the beginning the seven entrepreneurship centres shall begin to get to know each other and learn from each strengths and potentials for the future. Each Innovation Centre from the 7 universities will therefore produce an online introduction video to present itself.

In the second phase the project will hold a mini-conference for startups that have developed solutions to problems created by Covid-19. The third phase will involve a three-day visit to Leiden and Cologne to discuss potential grant applications for joint projects. The first phase is completed, and all the entrepreneur centres got to know each other. As Sjoerd Louwaars, Director at PLNT Leiden, points out, each innovation centre faces similar problems on how find the right people to create something with a great impact also for the greater goal of well-being.

For further information on how the collaboration is planned and what they have already achieved please take a look at this information on their seed funding: